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Today, more than ever, the study of Agriculture is reaching a critical level. As farmland decreases and the population increases, the need for a greater number of Agricultural specialists will continue to grow. By the year 2050, the world population will require a sustainable, innovative approach to growing more food in a smaller footprint.  
Agriculture coursework and an Associate of Science degree from Collin College will prepare you for university studies in an Agriculture-related field. Collin offers a personalized, high quality educational experience, with an excellent instructional staff, and an innovative approach to developing new methods for raising crops and livestock. 
Careers in Agriculture include farm and ranch management, controlled environment agriculture, animal husbandry, banking and finance, real estate, commodities broker, sales and marketing of equipment and pharmaceuticals, the United States Department of Agriculture, extension education, and agricultural education. 
Recommended Electives: 
AGRI   1419   Introduction to Animal Science 
AGRI   2317   Introduction to Agricultural Economics

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