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Collin College Theatre’s course work and productions are nationally recognized, as are its faculty, staff and guest artists. Alumni are working professionally in regional and Broadway theatres, television, film and other media – in successful careers as actors, directors, designers, stage managers, technicians, writers, producers, educators, and more.   

While many alumni go on to complete BA and BFA degrees, others transfer to conservatories or go directly into the professions listed above. Still other students develop creative and communication skills which they apply to a wide range of career choices.  

Theatre courses introduce students to the historical, theoretical and practical elements of theatre. Each year Collin College Theatre produces four mainstage productions – including musicals, dramas, comedies, and classical works, as well as other special student-directed events.  These “living labs” give the students hands-on experiences through performance, shop work and crew assignments.  

The Collin College Theatre faculty are all working professionals, and their combined specializations cover the performing skills of acting, directing, movement, and voice; as well as the technical theatre fields of scenic design, lighting design, costume and makeup design, sound design, and stage management.

Collin College’s state-of-the-art theatre facility is comprised of three separate performance spaces, including the 350-seat John Anthony Theatre, the 120-seat Black Box Theatre and the intimate ALT Lab Theatre. The multi-million-dollar complex also houses a scenic and paint shop, a costume vault and construction shop, dressing rooms, and a theatre box office, in addition to numerous acting and directing classroom spaces.

Collin College Theatre encourages interdisciplinary studies. Students interested in musical theatre can enroll in courses such as MUSI 1183 Voice Class (singing), MUEN 1154 Musical Theatre Ensemble, DANC 1110 Tap Dance and DANC 1247 Beginning Jazz Dance. Fine Arts, Communications and Video Production are a few of the disciplines that provide a wide range of opportunities for our theatre students and help them prepare for the careers of the future. 

Students can earn a certificate of completion in one of three different Fields of Study:  General, Performance, or Design/Technical. Please see specific information regarding Fields of Study in the program options section below.

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Recommended Electives 
DRAM 1120 Theater Practicum I 
DRAM 1121 Theater Practicum II
DRAM 1310  Theater Appreciation
DRAM 1322 Stage Movement
DRAM 1330  Stagecraft I
DRAM 1341 Stage Makeup
DRAM 1342 Costume Technology
DRAM 1351 Acting I
DRAM 1352 Acting II
DRAM 2120 Theatre Practicum III
DRAM 2331 Theatre Practicum III 
DRAM 2331 Stagecraft II
DRAM 2335 Theatre Design 
DRAM 2336 Voice for the Actor
DRAM 2355 Script Analysis 
DRAM 2361 History of Theater I
DRAM 2362 History of Theater II
DRAM 2366 Film Appreciation
DRAM 2389 Academic Co-op – Drama

Program Options

Certificate – Drama Field of Study: General Track

Certificate – Drama Field of Study: Performance Track*

Certificate – Drama Field of Study: Design/Technical Track*

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*In July 2020, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) voted to further review the new Field of Study curricula that were scheduled to go into effect in Fall 2020. Collin College has five FOS Certificates that were affected by this action. The THECB action may limit the applicability toward the corresponding majors at state-supported colleges or universities. Students enrolled in one of these Field of Study certificates are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor and/or contact their transfer institution to make sure courses in the certificate will be degree applicable to their bachelor degree at the transfer university.