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Before there was the scientific method, there was philosophy. Literally the “love of wisdom,” philosophy seeks to explain the world through examination. The study of philosophy is foundational if you are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. 
When you study philosophy at Collin, you will become acquainted with the main problems of philosophy, examining those problems from multiple perspectives, so that a greater truth can be determined. You will come away with a greater understanding of philosophical thinking and a better understanding of the people around you. 
Recommended Electives 
PHIL  1301  Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL  1304  Introduction to World Religions
PHIL  2303  Introduction to Formal Logic
PHIL  2306  Introduction to Ethics
PHIL  2307  Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL  2321  Philosophy of Religion
ANTH  2351  Cultural Anthropology
ENGL  2322  British Literature I
ENGL  2323  British Literature II
ENGL  2332  World Literature I
ENGL  2333  World Literature II
GOVT  2304  Introduction to Political Science
HIST  2311  Western Civilization I
HIST  2312  Western Civilization II
X4XX  Foreign Language Sequence I
X4XX  Foreign Language Sequence II