Communication Design

Communication Design is an indispensable component of the way our world functions and does business—from traditional marketing and promotional materials, to phone apps and smart device interfaces, to package design and promotional material, to full scale brand identity design and advertising campaigns.

Collin's Communication Design program offers two areas of focus — Graphic Design and User Experience (UX) Design.

As a Graphic Designer, you will apply your artistic skills and knowledge as you shape visual messages to engage and communicate effectively with the intended audiences, helping the world communicate visually. The Graphic Design Track emphasizes strong concept development and production techniques, while exploring applications including logo design and brand identity, collateral design, advertising, packaging, promotion, and Web development.

As a User Experience Designer, you will apply your strategic skills and insights as you shape the way users interact with and experience products, systems and services, helping provide utility, support ease of use, and create efficiency. The User Experience Design Track emphasizes research, strategy, and design to develop and deliver effective user experiences, while preparing students to serve in UX roles across an increasing span of industries and applications, developing web sites, mobile applications, services, and products.

Students planning to transfer to a college or university should check with a Collin College Career Coach or program Discipline Lead prior to beginning this program.

Program Options

AAS – Communication Design - Graphic Design Track

AAS – Communication Design - User Experience Design Track

Graphic Design Track

Certificate Level 1 – Graphic Design Foundations

Certificate Level 2 – Graphic Design

User Experience Design Track 

Certificate Level 1 – User Experience Design Foundations

Certificate Level 2 – User Experience Design

Certificate Level 3 – ESC – Motion Graphics 

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