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The Insurance Industry degree and certificate program at Collin College is designed to prepare students for a variety of positions in the Insurance Industry.  Students have the opportunity to attain professional designations as they complete their course work in the Insurance Industry program.

“The Insurance Industry touches every aspect of daily life and business. When we drive our cars, we accept risk of damage to our expensive automobile and potential injury to ourselves and others. When we operate our business, we encounter risks to our business property, reputation, and livelihood. Insurance Management is what allows our lives and the economy to operate smoothly in spite of the risks and the reality that “bad things” will occasionally happen. Insurance is what makes us whole when things go wrong in both our personal and business lives. An Insurance Professional, is responsible for putting lives back together.”

Students planning to transfer to a college or university should check with Collin academic advisors. Also check the degree requirement of the intended transfer college prior to beginning this program to verify course degree applicability.

Program Options

AAS – Insurance Industry Track

AAS – Sales and Agency Track

Certificate Level 1 – Insurance Industry

Certificate Level 1 – Sales and Agency

Certificate Level 2 – Insurance Industry

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