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36 credit hours 1
Students must be TSI complete.
Pre-Entrance Requirements
Admission to the college or the degree program does not guarantee admission to the Paralegal General Certificate Program.  Prior to admission to the certificate program, students must provide official documentation showing that they have earned a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration, Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Arts for Teaching degree to demonstrate that they have met the American Bar Association requirements of having successfully developed critical reasoning, writing skills, and oral communication skills by completing at least eighteen semester credits of general education courses.
First Semester    
LGLA 1307 Introduction to Law and the Legal Professions
LGLA 1345 Civil Litigation
LGLA 1370 Introduction to Legal Conventions
LGLA 2333 Advanced Legal Document Preparation
Second Semester    
LGLA 1303 Legal Research
LGLA 1305 Legal Writing
LGLA 2303 Torts and Personal Injury Law
Third Semester     
LGLA 1351 Contracts 
LGLA 2311 Business Organizations
LGLA 2339 Certified Paralegal Exam Review (Capstone) 2
* Electives (6 credit hours):
LGLA 1323, LGLA 1343, LGLA 1353, LGLA 1355, LGLA 1380, LGLA 2307, LGLA 2309, LGLA 2313, or LGLA 2323
1. These hours include 36 credit hours of LGLA courses, at least nine credit hours of which must be in synchronous format.
2. Students should contact the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) for current exam eligibility requirements.