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28 credit hours
Pre-Entrance Requirements
Student must be board registered in any healthcare field --AND/OR-- have a minimum of one year of current work experience in a sleep lab/center.
First Semester
PSGT 1260 Certificate Clinical I - Polysomnography
PSGT 1310 Neuroanatomy and Physiology
PSGT 1400 Polysomnography I
RSPT 1240 Advanced Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology
RSPT 1237 Basic Dysrhythmia Interpretation
Second Semester
PSGT 1340 Sleep Disorders
PSGT 2205 Sleep Scoring & Staging
PSGT 2250 Infant and Pediatric Polysomnography
PSGT 2260 Certificate Clinical II - Polysomnography
PSGT 2411 Polysomnography II
Third Semester
PSGT 2272 Polysomnography Exam Preparation (Capstone)