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42 credit hours
First Semester
ARTV 1351 Digital Video 
FLMC 2330 Audio Post Production
RTVB 1329 Scriptwriting 
Second Semester
ARTV 1303 Basic Animation 
FLMC 1331 Video Graphics and Visual Effects I  
FLMC 2336 Production Development - Producing
RTVB 1325 TV Studio Production
First Semester
ARTV 2320 Team Program Production I 
FLMC 2333 Cinematography
FLMC 2334 Directing for Film or Video
RTVB 2330 Film and Video Editing 
Second Semester
FLMC 2331 Video Graphics and Visual Effects II 
RTVB 2340 Portfolio Development (Capstone) 
RTVB 2347 Electronic Media Business Management