Payment Methods

Pay on-line (recommended and available 24/7)

For your convenience, pay online via the secure payment suite accessed through CougarWeb.  Log into your account, then from Student Quick Links select CougarPay (Manage Payments & eRefunds).  You may pay by credit card or web check.  Click on our Tuition and Fees page for more information.

Pay in Person

While other universities may have gone cashless, Collin College still accepts cash as a payment method. Pay at the Bursar/Cashier offices during regular business hours, with any payment method mentioned on this page.

Paying by Check

Checks should be made payable to Collin College.  Two-party, out-of-state, and/or temporary checks are not accepted. Collin College reserves the right to refuse any out of state check, including corporate checks. Checks issued by credit card companies are not accepted. 

Collin College may refuse or restrict check payments on any account on which a check payment was not honored by the originating financial institution and/or for any past due balance. Payments made by personal check may be processed electronically (ACH).

We require a valid driver's license of the person signing the check and the student's Campus Wide ID (CWID) number, a local address, and a current phone number. If you prefer not to record the CWID number on the check, please submit payment by web check, cashier's check, money order or, when appropriate, cash payments at any campus. College staff will record the CWID number if a student has not done so.

Students requiring payments from out of state financial accounts should pay by web check. 

Returned Check/Credit Card Charge Back Policy
It is the policy of the college to revoke check-writing privileges to persons from whom it has received more than three returned checks. A $25 fee for each returned check or credit card charge back will be assessed. Balances incurred from returned checks and/or past due balances may not be paid with a check. 

By Mail

The check amount may not exceed the outstanding account balance. Mail a Texas check or money order (include Texas driver’s license number of person signing the check, contact phone number, student's full name, date of birth, and the CWID of the student) to be received by the payment deadlines (postmarks are not a consideration) to: 

Collin College

Attn: Student Financials

3452 Spur 399, Suite 327

McKinney, TX  75069  

Gift/prepayment cards

MasterCard, VISA, or Discover gift cards may be used for payment.  However, do not discard the used card.  If any refund is necessary, the refund amount will be returned and loaded on the original gift card

Installment Plans

The "No Fee" payment plan is available during early registration periods.  Students may make partial payments throughout early registration as their budgets permit.  However, the entire balance must be funded by the early registration payment deadline.

Formal promissory note installment plans ($25.00 to initiate) are also available each undergraduate term for students who need more time to pay for their courses.

The Fall 2023 promissory note installment plan will be available online beginning July 12. The plan must be initiated on or before July 19 for any early registration.  After July 19, the installment plan remains available online through August 25, but it must be initiated at the time of registration to meet the payment requirements.  
The Spring 2024 promissory note installment plan will be available online beginning November 7, 2023. The plan must be initiated on or before December 6, 2023 for any early registration.  After December 6, the installment plan remains available online through January 31, 2024, but it must be initiated at the time of registration to meet the payment requirements.  

To initiate the payment plan, 50 percent of the account charges plus the $25 fee must be paid.  The remaining balance is split between two equal installment payments due February 8, 2024 and March 7, 2024. Late fees are assessed for missed or delinquent payments.

Once you initiate an installment plan, if you add any courses, 50 percent of the new tuition and fee charges incurred is due the day of registration to ensure course registration status.  Making a partial payment does not initiate a promissory note installment plan or hold registration. You must complete the installment promissory note online, pay 50 percent of all tuition and fees plus a $25 non-refundable processing charge, and save a payment method for automatic installment payments in compliance with payment deadline requirements.  


To initiate an installment payment plan, go to CougarWeb, and log in with your college User ID and PIN:

• select the Student Quick Links, CougarPay (Manage Payments & eRefunds)

• select Collin College Account Suite bar

• select Enroll in a Payment Plan and complete all steps.

Stopping payment on a check or credit card payment will not cancel a payment plan. Any refund due because of dropped or withdrawn courses will be applied to any unpaid charges. Official grades and transcripts may be withheld until all payments have been made, and default may result in course withdrawal.

Payments for International Students/Currencies

Collin has partnered with Flywire to streamline the process of international payments, allowing international students to pay securely from any country and bank, generally in the home country currency.  Paying through Flywire allows students to track their payments from start to finish; save on bank fees and exchange rates; and access Flywire's multilingual customer support team 24/7 with questions on the payment process. Payments for the amount of a student's tuition and fee charges at Collin may be paid through Flywire, and payment must be received at Collin by applicable payment deadlines. Students are encouraged to register early to secure their courses of choice and still have time to complete the funds transfer process prior to the payment deadline. To begin an international, secure payment, click here or go to

Third party contract

A valid agreement between an agency and Collin College must be on file, and a voucher from the business or agency paying tuition must be presented to the Bursar’s Office prior to the payment due date each term.  Students will be responsible for all amounts owed if sponsoring agency does not remit payment in full.

  • Veterans using Post 9/11 education benefits may provide their authorization at any cashier office location or email their authorization to use Chapter 33 benefits to  Please include CWID, term being authorized, and benefit eligibility percentage.
  • Students using Texas Guaranteed Prepaid plans for funding may email their term specific third party authorizations to  Please include your CWID, term being authorized for funding, and the Texas Guaranteed plan number.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Students with accepted financial aid awards noted on the student account as Authorized Aid and an amount sufficient to cover all of the tuition and fee charges for the term do not need to make an additional payment.  Certified/accepted financial aid funds disburse to the student account after faculty certify attendance in the course, which is generally 3-5 days after the Census Date of the primary session in the term , creating a credit balance.  The charges on the account will be deducted from the financial aid credit, and the balance refunded to the student in 7-14 days. Scholarships will be processed as noted above for financial aid awards but may not be refunded to the student unless authorized by the scholarship donor. Students with scholarship credits on their account from an earlier term should verify with the Bursar/Cashier that those funds may be used for new term charges.  Students are responsible for fulfilling any financial aid requirements, maintaining current enrollment status of courses, and payment for any balance on the student account not paid in full by financial aid.

*Scholarship checks can be mailed to:

Collin College

Attn: Student Financials

3452 Spur 399, Suite 327

McKinney, TX  75069

Exemptions and Waivers

Students eligible for tuition waivers or tuition and fee exemptions should contact the appropriate office.  The following is offered as a guideline and is not the comprehensive list:

  1. Admissions Office for tuition waivers
  2. Financial Aid Office for most exemption programs
  3. Access Office for deaf and blind exemption
  4. Academic Partnerships for concurrent high school exemption


Cashier Hours of Operation and Contact Information