Prof. Kathy Fant

Kathy Fant is in her sixth year as a full-time professor in Computer Networking Technologies at Collin College. She teaches the Cisco Networking Academy – CCNA1- CCNA4, IT Essentials, and Network+.

Professor Fant's association with Collin College dates back to 1999. Her Kathy Fanthusband Professor Jeff Fant was instrumental in setting up the Cisco Networking Academy at Collin College, and she originally joined the Collin force as support for the local Cisco academies in the high schools as an Educational Specialist. Arrangements were made for her to be trained as a Regional Instructor so that she could participate in instructor training for high school instructors. This opened the door for her to serve as Associate Faculty in the Cisco program. She served as both Educational Specialist and Associate Faculty for three years before accepting a full-time position as a high school instructor for the Cisco Networking Academy at McKinney High School.

She taught at McKinney High School for nine years, but continued her education both at Collin and at UTD, and maintained relationships at Collin serving on the Computer Science Advisory Board. When she completed her Masters in Information Systems Management at UTD in 2011, she applied to teach at Collin once again. She served for one year teaching at both McKinney High and Collin College. In 2012, she accepted a full-time professorship at Collin, and she loves her work!

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