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Marquita De Jesus, Adjunct Faculty

Born in Los Angeles, CA, Marquita migrated to Houston, Texas where she began dancing. She furthered her training at Sam Houston State University training with Dana Nicolay, Jennifer Pontius, and the late Jonathan Charles. After receiving her Masters from Dallas Baptist University in 2009, Marquita traveled to over 20 states and 5 continents, teaching dance and performing.

In 2010, Marquita began to use dance as a tool for therapy and outreach, traveling to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Choma, Zambia. In 2012, she created Silence the Violence, a  non-profit dedicated to ending violence towards women and children. Marquita is also the Founding Director of Fusion Performance Company, which offers focused growth to dancers in excellence and leadership, while using their skills to help the world at large, raising thousands for local and international charities. She co-owns LOMA Yoga, a private coaching practice in DT McKinney offering conditioning to dancers and local yogis.

In 2014, Marquita published her first book "Radically Ordinary", and shares the work she is doing in various conferences, professional gatherings, and the TEDX platform. When Marquita isn't writing, speaking or dancing, you can find her teaching yoga, making homemade herbal detox bath salt, and performing at home with her two favorite dancers, Emmy Ana and Elle Ava.