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Employee Recognition

Collin College recognizes that the collective efforts of all staff and faculty members contribute to the overall mission of the college and we strive to create an environment where employees feel valued and know their efforts are appreciated. 

Collin College has a number of formal recognition programs designed to acknowledge employees for their exemplary contributions and accomplishments.

Points of Cougar Pride
Collin College is very proud of its faculty and staff and the many achievements they earn.  Points of Cougar Pride highlights some of the awards, honors and other accomplishments that champion the college's core values.

Recognition of Service and Excellence (ROSE) Awards
Collin College's ROSE Award recognizes consistent application of the college's core values through service to the college, staff, students and/or public by Collin College employees.  The nomination and selection process is managed by the All College Council (ACC).

Outstanding Professor of the Year Awards
Collin College's Outstanding Processor of the Year Award recognizes outstanding full-time and part-time faculty based on peer recommendation, division recommendation, student evaluations and/or the public.

Service Recognition Awards
Employee service recognition awards recognize milestones of long-term service and loyalty to Collin College.  Employees are formally recognized at 10 and 20 years of service.

Informal Recognition
Recognition can be simple and does not always have to be formal.  One of the most effective ways to express appreciation is often one of the most overlooked: saying "thank you".  Even if most of the duties one performs are a normal part of the job, hearing "thank you" in a spontaneous and timely way can mean a lot to anyone.  It should be done often and can be done privately or publicly in front of co-workers.  Mention the task, project, or behavior you want to recognize and be sincere.  In addition, many departments have their own informal recognition processes in place and we encourage individuals to recognize others with emails, thank you notes, or other casual means of appreciation.