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Application Process


Admission to the program is selective and competitive; students must apply for admission and meet all requirements of external clinical facilities participating in the program. Currently, the program accepts up to 24 students every Summer semester, depending on the availability of clinical sites.
These requirements include drug screens, background checks, selected immunizations and proof of personal health coverage. Students interested in the program should see an academic advisor for consultation and consult the college web site for more specific information. The application and admission process is outlined in the Admission Packet.

The deadline for submitting applications for the program is 4 P.M., on the second Friday of March each year, in the Health Science Building, H201.



The Psychological Services Bureau (PSB) for Health Occupations Examination is used as an indicator of success in the program. The examination must be taken prior to the application deadline. More information is available in the program Admission Packet.


After initial acceptance to this program, all students are required to meet specific functional abilities, with or without accommodations, for successful completion of the program, and to function safely and effectively in the variety of the professional settings. The specific functional requirements are found in the Functional Abilities/Core Performance Standards document. Students who think they may not be able to meet the functional standards and need accommodation are encouraged to contact the college ACCESS department as soon as this program is of interest.