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About the Collin College Board of Trustees

The Collin College Board of Trustees is comprised of nine members, elected at large for a six-year term by voters throughout Collin County. The Board is comprised of:

  Current Terms
Andrew Hardin, Chair Place 9 (2021-2027)
Jay Saad, Vice Chair Place 2 (2019-2023)
Jim Orr, Secretary Place 7 (2021-2027)
Dr. Raj Menon, Treasurer Place 5 (2019-2025)
Cathie Alexander Place 3 (2023-2029)
Stacy Anne Arias Place 6 (2019-2025)
Dr. J. Robert Collins Place 8 (2021-2027)
Greg Gomel Place 4 (2019-2025)
Megan Wallace Place 1 (2023-2029)


The Collin College Board of Trustees, in collaboration with the District President, establishes the vision for the future of the college, its mission and strategic direction.  In addition, the Trustees are responsible for establishing college policy, providing rigorous fiscal oversight, and leadership for the college’s continued growth and success in meeting the needs of its students and our community.

The Board is committed to the college’s Mission and Core Values and is passionate about sharing the many benefits that Collin College brings to our students and to our community. 


Eligibility for Candidacy

To be eligible for consideration, the candidate must be a citizen of the United States, at least 18 years of age, a qualified voter, a resident of Collin County for six continuous months and a resident of Texas for twelve continuous months prior to the date of the regular filing deadline for a candidate's application for a place on the ballot.

For more information, see board policy BBA(Legal) for the statutory requirements for service.  In addition, Trustees must be available to attend the monthly meetings of the Board of Trustees.

Board policies governing elections may be found here.

Collin College is an equal opportunity institution and provides educational and employment opportunities without discrimination on any basis protected by applicable law.


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