Developmental Education

How Many DE Courses Can A Student Take?

DE courses may be taken for a combined total of no more than 18 credit hours
without incurring additional fees of $50 per credit hour. This additional fee is
applied because the state of Texas will not pay a state subsidy for DE credit
hours in excess of 18 credit hours. *If ESL courses are taken, a total of 27 credit hours
are allowed without incurring additional fees.

In addition, students may attempt to successfully complete any DE course only twice before incurring additional fees. Dropping a course before census day does not count as an attempt.  After two
unsuccessful attempts, students must pay an additional $50 per credit hour (i.e. for
a three hour course, additional fees are calculated as 3 X $50 = $150 additional
tuition) or the student may complete the course at another institution and provide
proof of successful course completion upon returning to Collin College.

Home school and high school students are not allowed to enroll in DE courses.

For additional information, contact the DE office at 972-881-5720.