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Passport Events, Fall 2021

Presenter: Sue Anne RischeJapan
Date:  November 16th
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Professor Sue Anne Rische invites you to share in the sensory bliss she experienced as an artist abroad in Japan. Enjoy her enthusiasm for Japanese food, traditions, people, and art!


Presenter:  Genevieve “Gen” NorthupThailand Image
Date: October 19th
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HR Manager of Professional Development Genevieve “Gen” Northup 
lived and worked in Europe for eight years. She caught the travel bug  and began accumulating passport stamps as soon as she landed  abroad. Of the 51 countries she has visited, Thailand is at the top.  Join Gen as she recounts her adventures in Bangkok and Krabi. Take a tour of beautiful Thailand: explore floating markets in search of mango sticky rice, scuba dive in the world-famous Phi Phi Islands, 
scale a mountain to reach a golden Buddha, and much more.

Passport Events, Spring 2021

Presenter:  Abigail ManuelDisney Image
Date: Tuesday, March 16
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Professor Abigail Manuel has traveled to Disney World every year since 1982 and has seen it evolve from a theme park to a "stationary world's fair" and conservation effort and back again. In this presentation, Professor Manuel will discuss Walt Disney's original plan for the area, how his plan is and was reflected in the park, and what educational opportunities existed and still exist at Walt Disney World! 


Passport Events, Fall 2020

BeninPresenter:  Meagan Hoff
Date: Thursday, November 5, 2020
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Have you ever thought about living abroad? Joining and working within a new community? Join Professor Meagan Hoff as she recounts her two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Malanville, Benin. Meagan will share her stories of living and working in Benin as well as her travels around West Africa. She will also offer more information about what the Peace Corps does, how to join, and how you can prepare now to join in the future.

IrelandPresenter:  Matthew Ware Coulter
Date: Thursday, October 8, 2020
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Join History Professor Matthew Ware Coulter on a relaxed month-long journey around the Emerald Isle. Professor Coulter did his homework before traveling and the trip was packed with sites important to
Irish history and culture.

Passport Event, Spring 2020

ChinaPresenter:  Henry Canfield
Date:  February 18, Plano Campus
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Ni Hao – Hello and Welcome to China! Join Henry Canfield as he shares some of the experiences and cultural lessons he learned while living and working in China for almost 14 years. The Middle Kingdom has a wealth of history, a fascinating current climate, and a bright future developing daily on the world stage. Hear Henry discuss what it was like to live and work in a culture that was totally foreign to him, in an amazing country that has over 5,000 years of history to explore. 

Passport Event, Fall 2019

Machu PicchuPresenter:  Allison Venuto
Date: Oct 29, Plano Campus
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Join us for a walk on the Camino de Santiago, a series of ancient European paths leading to a stunning cathedral in Santiago, Spain. We’ll talk about the literal and figurative highs and lows of our 500-mile journey.

Machu PicchuPresenter:  Catie Brooks
Date: Sept 24, McKinney Campus
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Take a trip with Professor Catie Brooks to South America into the wondrous country of Peru. Learn about new efforts in Peru to support tourism to ancient sites. Marvel at photos of the Maras Salt Mines, Machu Picchu, the Rainbow Mountains, and more!

Passport Event, Summer 2019

CambodiaPresenter:  Denise Brown
Date:  June 20, 2019
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Join Professor Denise Brown to learn about the temples built in 12th Century Siem Reap of modern Cambodia. Originally built as a Hindu temple by the Khmer Empire and later used by Buddhist monks, the temples are architectural marvels that have survived industrialization, war, and attempts by the surrounding jungle to reclaim them. Professor Brown will discuss her journey to the Angkor sites and to other temples in Bangkok, Thailand.

Passport Event, Spring 2019


Presenter:  Ryan Fletcher
Date: February 26, Plano Campus
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Join Professor Ryan Fletcher for a trip to the Greek Islands. From Athens to Crete to Rhodes, Professor Fletcher will delve into the rich histories and cultures of these islands and their connection to current discourse and storytelling.

Beit Shean

Presenter:  Dr. Melody Miyamoto Walters 
and Dr. Lisa Kirby
Date: April 4, McKinney Campus
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In Hawaiian, "aloha" means both "hello" and "goodbye."  So, if someone says "aloha" to you, how do you know what he/she is saying? Join Dr. Melody Miyamoto Walters and Dr. Lisa Kirby for Passport to the World to find out. Hear a local Hawaiian introduce visitors to Hawaii, and then listen
to the experiences of a Texan who recently visited several of the islands.

Passport Event, Fall 2018


Presenter:  Mike Cohick
Date and Time: November 1, Plano Campus
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Why do volcanoes form in particular geographic locations? Can a volcanic eruption halfway around the world affect us in the Dallas area?

Join Professor Mike Cohick for an illuminating lecture as he takes us on a journey around the world to view iconic volcanoes and learn about the impact of historical eruptions. Experience both the awesome beauty as well as the terrible destructive power of volcanoes through this photographic excursion.

Beit Shean

Presenter: Joan Kennedy and Gary Wilson
Date: October 9, Frisco Campus
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Where else can travelers explore a high mountain fortress and learn of its rich history?

Where else can one take in nearly 4,000 years of well-preserved architecture and culture?

Travel to Israel for a historical view of the fortress of Masada and the intriguing archaeological site of Beit She'an.  Join Professors Joan Kennedy and Gary Wilson to listen to their fascinating lecture and view striking photographs of Israel’s complex cultural history.

Passport Events, Summer 2018

Passport Rocky MountainPresenter: Barbara & Larry Stern
Date: June 5, Plano Campus

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Join us to learn about mountain hikes, abundant wildlife, and breathtaking places of beauty in Rocky Mountain National Park! Listen to a fascinating lecture and view stunning photographs and short videos. As a bonus, come hear harrowing stories of moose encounters, ferocious marmots, and cliff-hanging episodes along the trails!

Past Passport Events, Spring 2018

Urban RussiaPresenter: Sharon Hudgins
Date: March 6, Plano Campus

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Life in urban Russia has been very different from that in America during the past 100 years. Russians have lived through wars, revolutions, housing shortages, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and great changes in the economy since then. At this Passport presentation, learn about daily life in Russian cities and towns, from highrise apartment buildings in megacities to wooden houses in rural villages—and how Russians escape the pressures of urban living by retreating to their dachas.

Sharon Hudgins is a former university professor, an award-winning author, and a journalist with more than 900 articles published worldwide. Together with Tom Hudgins, an economics professor at Collin College, she lived in two Russian cities during the mid-1990s when both of them were professors with the University of Maryland's program in Siberia and the Russian Far East. She is the author of The Other Side of Russia: A Slice of Life in Siberia and the Russian Far East (Texas A & M University Press, 2003), and a new cookbook, T-Bone Whacks & Caviar Snacks: Cooking with Two Texans in Siberia and the Russian Far East (University of North Texas Press, 2018).

Passport Events, Fall 2017 

ScandinaviaPresenter: Professor Allison Venuto
Date: October 2, Plano Campus

Description: Join professor Allison Venuto for highlights of her summer trip to Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Amsterdam. From hot dogs and Michelin stars to parkas and bunads, we’ll talk about what made the trip great! Discover the culture and customs of a region that consistently ranks among the happiest places on Earth. Professor Venuto is a professor of education at the Spring Creek Campus.

IndiaPresenter: Professor Seema Endley
Date: November 15, McKinney Campus

Description: Come join Microbiology Professor Seema Endley as she shares her recent trip to the holy city of Srirangam, which hosts the largest functioning Hindu temples and one of the largest religious complexes of the world.

Passport Events, Summer 2017 

Kenai Peninsula, AlaskaPresenter: Professor Whitney Pisani
Date: June 27, Plano Campus

Description: Join Collin College Communications Professor Whitney Pisani for an inside look at the Kenai Peninsula in the southeastern region of Alaska.  Known for its beautiful natural vistas, its abundant and captivating wildlife, and a rich history of the many cultures who have called the area home, the Kenai Peninsula is an amazing destination.  

Past Passport Events, Spring 2017

NormandyPresenter: Professor Tony Airhart
Date:  April 20, McKinney Campus

Description: Professor Tony Airhart will take the audience on a journey through the scene of one of World War II's major turning points, as it may have been on D-Day and as it looks more than seven decades later.  From the iconic Omaha Beach and Utah Beach to Juno Beach and Sainte-Mere-Eglise, Normandy has grown into a popular French vacation destination, but signs of the epic beach landings and battles can still be found if you are looking.   

University of HavanaPresenter: Professor Frozina Goussak and Dr. Stephen Whitley
Date: March 14, Plano Campus
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Description: Beautiful beaches, historic universities and vintage cars make up the charm that is Cuba – “Pearl of the Caribbean.” Dr Stephen Whitley visited Cuba for the first time in March 2016 and Professor Frozina Goussak grew up in Havana. Together, the two will share the wonderful sights and sounds of this beautiful island nation, which was largely shut off to Americans for decades.

Past Passport Events,  Fall 2016

YellowstonePresenter: Professor Rebecca Harris
 Oct. 20, Frisco Campus
 1:00 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.  



IcelandPresenter: Professor Rebecca Burton
Date: September 28, Plano Campus

Description: Join Dr. Rebecca Burton in her Icelandic adventure! From the icy glaciers and waterfalls to the fiery volcanoes and thermal baths, Iceland is a geological wonderland. Learn more about Iceland's rugged landscape and the unique culture shaped by over 1000 years of history and legend.

Past Passport Events, Spring 2016  

Passport ProvencePresenter: Professor Ryan Fletcher
Date:  March 2, Plano Campus

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Description: Bonjour!  Join Professor Ryan Fletcher for a trip to the South of France.  There's more to see and experience in France than just Paris, believe it or not.  In the summer of 2015, Professor Fletcher traveled to Provence, a region full of villages, Roman ruins and fields of lavender nestled between Paris and the Mediterranean Sea.  Every village offers something new...and tasty!  The architecture!  The landscapes!  The sea!  The markets!  Provence has inspired many artists, including Van Gogh, Matisse and Renoir.  Come and see the colors of Provence!

ZebrasPresenter: Dr. Thomas Eimermacher
Date: April 6, McKinney Campus

Description:  Join Dr. Thomas Eimermacher on a journey of biological discovery through Southern Africa — from the Kalahari Desert and Namaqualand in South Africa to the Lowveld of Swaziland. Explore the different parts of Southern Africa with Dr. Eimermacher as he studies the regional diversity of reptiles and amphibians.  Learn about the culture, local folklore, flora and fauna. See what biological field work on the African continent is like.

Past Passport Events, Fall 2015

Machu PicchuPresenter: Professor Denise Brown
Date: November 4, Plano Campus

Description: Take a trip to one of the most interesting countries of South America, Peru. From its arid coast and largest city, Lima, through the Andes Mountains to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, and beyond the Andes to the tropical forests and rivers that are tributaries of the great Amazon river. Explore the culture and cuisine of this amazing country.


Sean in FijiPresenter: Professor Sean Ferrier-Watson
Date: October 7, Plano Campus

Description:  Join Collin College Professor Sean Ferrier-Watson for an upcoming talk on Fiji. Explore the blue oceans, exotic landscapes, and rich culture of this island nation through the experiences, art, and poetry collected by Professor Ferrier-Watson. Hear a talk on the legend of Dakuwaqa, the shark god, and his encounter with the reef guardian and learn the beauty and significance of Fijian folklore and ritual practices.

Past Passport Events, Spring 2015 

Pacific Rim LandscapePresenters: Professor Tom Hudgins and Writer Sharon Hudgins
Date: February 18, Plano Campus

Description:  Travel with Tom and Sharon Hudgins around the north Pacific coast, from California to Alaska to the Russian Far East.  Discover the different groups of native people who live there, how they got there, and the similarities and differences among their cultures.

New Zealand beachPresenter: Professor Rebecca Harris
Date: April 16, Frisco Campus

 Jump off of the world’s original bungee bridge, dive into Waitomo’s "glow worm" caves, and boat alongside Kaikoura’s rare, wild dolphins.  Professor Rebecca Harris will take you on a journey of the tiny yet stunning country of New Zealand, from the astonishing lakes of Queenstown in the South Island’s “Remarkables” mountain range, to the elegant city of Auckland in the north, and will bring to life a land of unmatched adventure and beauty.

Past Passport Events, Fall 2014

Rwanda BridgePresenter: Dr. Dixil Rodriguez
Date: October 15, Plano Campus

Description: Join Dr. Dixil Rodriguez as she discusses her humanitarian work in Kenya and Rwanda.


Presenter: Professor Whitney Pisani
Date: November 12, Plano Campus

Description: Join Professor Whitney Pisani as she enlightens us about the ancient and modern Maya and their amazing contributions to society.

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