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Automation makes manufacturing more efficient and improves production. Collin College’s Industrial Automation program will provide you with the skills and training to work as an electronic or mechanical technician in many areas of the manufacturing or industrial sector.  Technicians learn to service and test robots and other unmanned equipment and to design processes to maximize the efficiency and output of assembly lines. 

Industrial Automation Technicians install, repair and maintain the equipment used in modern manufacturing and industrial facilities. The need and salaries for these highly-skilled technicians continues to grow with the advancements in industrial control applications and manufacturing processes. Students in this program will apply electronics principles and develop ladder logic for use with programmable logic controller (PLC) functions.  They will also learn advanced programming techniques for specialized applications. Be a part of the future in manufacturing with training as an Industrial Automation technician today!

Program Options

AAS - Industrial Automation

Certificate Level 1 - Industrial Automation

Certificate Level 2 - Industrial Automation

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