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Department of Engineering and Engineering Technology

Are you interested in being part of the next generation of highly skilled workers?

Collin's Engineering and Engineering Technology Programs can give you the start you need to a career you will love.

Engineering: An certificate in Engineering Field of Study will provide you transfer courses toward Mechanical, Civil, or Electrical Engineering degree at a four-year college or university.

Engineering Technology: Collin College offers following three Engineering Technology programs

Electronic Engineering Technology:  A two-year degree (AAS) of this program will prepare you for  jobs in electronics industry, data centers, power and energy sector. For curriculum information, visit Electronic Engineering Technology Degree Plan  

Industrial AutomationA two-year degree (AAS) of this program will prepare you for jobs in automated manufacturing of consumable products, packaging, and distribution. For curriculum information, visit Industrial Automation Degree Plan

Biomedical Equipment Technology: A two-year degree (AAS) of this program will prepare you for jobs in hospitals, medical offices, and large clinics with no direct contact with patients.  For curriculum information, visit Biomedical Equipment Technology Degree Plan


Engineering Vs Engineering Technology
engineering vs engineering technology

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