Department of Engineering and Engineering Technology

Are you interested in being part of the next generation of highly skilled workers?

The Engineering and Engineering Technology Programs at Collin College can give you the start you need to a career you will love.


Engineering Transfer

A certificate in Engineering Field of Study will provide you transfer courses toward Mechanical, Civil, or Electrical Engineering degree at a four-year college or university.  More Information

Electronic Engineering Techology

A two-year degree (AAS) of this program will prepare you for  jobs in electronics industry, data centers, power and energy sector.  More Information

Robotics and Automation Technology

Previously known as Industrial Automation.  A two-year degree (AAS) of this program will prepare you for jobs in robotic and automated manufacturing of consumable products, medical devices, packaging, and distribution.  More Information

Biomedical Equipment Technology

A two-year degree (AAS) of this program will prepare you for jobs in hospitals, medical offices, large clinics, biomedical equipment manufacturing and distribution with no direct contact with patients.   More information



We offer: 

Flexible scheduling: day, evening, and weekend
Engineering classes on multiple campuses

Engineering Technology classes on Technical Campus
Support for women in engineering

Encouraging environment for working students
A Veteran-friendly setting 

Program specific guidance


Which Program is the Best Fit?

Consider Engineering Field of Study if you...

Plan to transfer to a university for an BS in Engineering and you:


  • enjoy critical thinking, complex problem-solving and decision making 
  • have an aptitude for higher-level mathmatics
  • can meet tight deadlines
  • have perseverance
  • are able to work in a team
  • effectively communicate, both verbally and in writing



Consider one of the Engineering Technology programs if you...

  • enjoy hands-on problem solving 
  • have an aptitude for technical math
  • have steady hands, manual dexterity and coordination as well as visualization
  • are adept at time management
  • possess great oral and written comprehension skills 




What if I need more information?

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Our student organizations: 
Society of Women Engineers Chapter 
Robotics Club


Students in action: Student Projects

Stepmania Project

Plot Clock

Advanced Robotics


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