Build a foundation in the mathematics and sciences which are the basis of all engineering. Collin College’s engineering field of study (FOS) programs are great preparation for a bachelor of science program in several disciplines within the school of engineering at a college or university.  
Collin College offers three engineering tracks: civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. While they share much of the foundational material, each discipline has its own specialty. Explore the disciplines below and determine which suits your goals best.  

An Associate of Science with an Engineering Field of Study requires 60 credit hours, including the required field of study coursework and the remaining credit hours of General Education Core. Check with your transfer institution before registering for general studies electives to make sure your courses will be degree-applicable to your bachelor degree at the transfer institution. This degree plan does not require completion of the Core Curriculum. Instead, students are obligated to satisfy the Field of Study (FOS). Students who wish to complete the Core Curriculum at Collin College should meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss the various options for completing the Core Curriculum.

Program Options

AS – Civil Engineering Field of Study 

AS – Electrical Engineering Field of Study 

AS – Mechanical Engineering Field of Study 

Certificate – Civil Engineering Field of Study 

Certificate – Electrical Engineering Field of Study

Certificate – Mechanical Engineering Field of Study 

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