Transfer Information


GPA Required for Transfer  Each university or college determines the transfer GPA that is acceptable. The information is located in the transfer colleges catalog and may also be found on their website.

Number of Hours that may be Transferred to Another Institution Each college determines the number of transfer hours they will accept. The information may be found in their catalog or website under requirements for transfer students.

Transferability of Classes to Texas Colleges or Universities   The courses that are in the Texas Common Core should transfer to any Texas state college or university. Students should inquire before they transfer the transferability of courses into their major.

Transferring Collin College Credits to an Out-of-State College or University   The student will need to contact the out-of-state college or university for approval. The out-of-state college or university may require a course description from the catalog year the student took the course in order to make their decision.

For more information please visit TransferU. 
For Texas Common Core Numbering System (TCCNS) click here.