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Agricultural Studies

Are you interested in vertical farming, beekeeping, animal science, or hydroponics? In this program, you can put scientific principles to work and gain hands-on experience from industry professionals in topics ranging from urban farming, greenhouse crop production, greenhouse management, sustainable practices that translate to large or small farm operations, and animal husbandry. 

Agriculture is the art and science of raising plants and animals for human benefit. It is the foundation of civilizations and contributes to food security. The Collin College Agricultural Studies department offers students an opportunity to learn sustainable practices in agriculture, improve production practices, and meet the needs of a rapidly growing population.

Urban Sustainable Agriculture

Collin County has a rich agricultural history, that continues to be strong today. According to the USDA census data, 50% of acreage in Collin County is identified as agricultural, and although the sizes of local farms are decreasing, the number of small farms is increasing. Small footprint farms are producing more crops per square foot with less water and a smaller environmental impact!

The urban sustainable agriculture program offers students an opportunity to learn sustainable practices, incorporate precision technology, and develop food solutions to an ever-increasing population. Students will develop the skills to create their own small farm, develop the technical knowledge and marketable skills needed to manage controlled-environment growing operations, and market locally sourced produce to chefs and families. Students will learn how to manage a small growing operation and help create a local farm-to-table program.

If you are interested in getting involved with sustainable practices, the Collin Association for Sustainable Efforts is a student organization that needs volunteers and members! Contact for more information! CASE

Program Options                                                                                   Plant Tower

AAS Urban Sustainable Agriculture Degree Plan

Certificate Level 1 - Sustainable Agriculture - 16 SCH 

  • AGCR 2305 Entomology - 3 SCH WEB
  • AGCR 2371 Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture - 3 SCH WEB
  • HALT 2421 Small Farming + Lab - 4 SCH WEB
  • CHEF 1305 Sanitation and Safety - 3 SCH
  • ECON 1301 Introduction to Economics - 3 SCH

Certificate Level 1 - Controlled Environment Agriculture 17 SCH - Fall 2021 Courses:

  • AGCR 2313 Soil and Water Conservation Management - 3 SCH
  • AGRI 1415 Horticulture - 4 SCH (ACGM Transfer course)
  • AGRI 2303 Agricultural Construction - 3 SCH (ACGM Transfer course)
  • HALT 2308 Greenhouse Management - 3 SCH
  • HALT 2402 Greenhouse Crop Production - 3 SCH

Transfer Courses

We are offering two Agriculture Transfer courses that are NOT part of the AAS Degree. For students wishing to transfer to a four-year institution that offers a degree in Agriculture, these two courses are available at Collin College!!!

  • AGRI 2317 Introduction to Agricultural Economics - 3 SCH WEB
  • AGRI 1419 Introduction to Animal Science - 4 SCH

AGRICULTURE TRANSFER COURSES - embedded in AAS degree but can be taken as part of an AA or AS degree. 

We offer 17 SCH in academic transfer agriculture courses.

  • AGRI 2303 - Agricultural Construction - 3 SCH
  • AGRI 1415 - Horticulture - 4 SCH
  • AGRI 1325 -  Agricultural Marketing - 3 SCH