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The Art Gallery at Collin College

The Art Gallery at Collin College


A Journey to the Ancient Hymns
Artist Deepa Koshaley

A Life Cycle Acrylic

On View: June 27 - July 21

Reception: Thursday, June 30
4 - 7 p.m.

Deepa Koshaley's Artist Statement
I do spiritual chanting as I work with an image’s formal elements. A sense of spirit directs my application of pigment to the canvas.  
This approach has been shaped by a rootedness in Hinduism’s music, mythology, and symbolism—as well as with the West’s mostly-secular conversation with painterly abstraction.  
The knowledge that drives the practice of yoga also informs my American creative life.  
With all that in the kitty, my manipulation of the image field is also influenced by the manipulation of actual fields of the earth in my work as a landscape architect. 
To me, artworks are living organisms one talks out loud with.  
Color, shape, and line strum through my work, animated by a surrender to the possibilities of composition. 
My art process brings life lessons to me. For example, when I pour colored water on my canvases, I have less control of how the shape turns out. This action helps me let go of perfection. Then I do the work of balancing the process of feminine and masculine energy through these colors, shapes, and other formal elements. This process helps my own grounding.  It heals me from the inside out.  
It's powerful to make myself feel something through artmaking.   It's powerful to make the viewer feel something through my artmaking, too.  
Sometimes the art forces past memories to the surface or evokes meditative states.  
All of this is healing.  
I want my art to remove the troubling impressions held within my viewers’ psyches. 
This said the revolutionary edge I offer is happiness. 

Yoga and Art Workshop: Thursday, July 14
11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Join Artist and Certified Yoga Instructor Deepa Koshaley
for this expressive workshop to unfold your creative self.
Through rhythmic movements of yoga and artful meditation, you will create unique pieces of art. Deepa’s unique application of mindful self-expression in the context of yoga aphorisms will take you deeper into exploring your inner self through outward expression and creation.

Mindfulness and creativity have a symbiotic relationship. Yoga and meditation help fuel the creative process by increasing and directing the flow of life force energy in our body. Conscious artistic expression coupled with yoga in a form of dynamic meditation allows the body and mind to harmonize and deeper sub-conscious creative self-expression to flow.

Space is limited. Reserve your seat early for this opportunity to learn how to Create Balance℠ through mindful self-expression with yoga and art.

* Please bring your Yoga Mats. 
* All Art supplies will be provided. 
* Wear comfortable clothes.