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Why should I get a BAS in Clinical Operations Management?

A Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Clinical Operations Management can be a valuable degree for individuals interested in pursuing a career in healthcare management. Here are some reasons why you might consider getting a BAS in Clinical Operations Management:


1. Healthcare Industry Demand

    The healthcare industry is continuously growing, and there is a demand for professionals who can manage and optimize clinical operations. A degree in Clinical Operations Management positions you to contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare organizations.


2. Management Skills

    The program provides a strong foundation in management principles, including organizational behavior, leadership, and project management. These skills are crucial for overseeing clinical operations and ensuring smooth workflow.


3. Understanding of Healthcare Systems

    A BAS in Clinical Operations Management includes coursework that provides insights into healthcare systems, regulations, and policies. This knowledge is essential for navigating the complexities of the healthcare industry.


4. Quality Improvement

    The Clinical Operations Management programs emphasizes quality improvement initiatives within healthcare settings. This focus can equip you with the skills to enhance patient care, safety, and the overall performance of healthcare organizations.


5. Financial Skills

    Managing healthcare operations involves understanding budgeting, financial management, and resource allocation. A degree in Clinical Operations Management provides the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about finances in a healthcare setting.


6. Leadership Opportunities

    With a focus on management and operations, this degree prepares you for leadership roles within healthcare organizations. Job opportunities include the ability to lead teams, implement strategic initiatives, and contribute to the overall success of healthcare facilities.


7. Problem-Solving Skills

    Clinical Operations Management programs emphasizes problem-solving and critical thinking skills. These abilities are valuable in addressing challenges that may arise in healthcare settings and finding effective solutions.


8. Interdisciplinary Collaboration

    Healthcare management involves working with professionals from various disciplines. A BAS in Clinical Operations Management equips you with the skills to collaborate effectively with healthcare professionals, administrators, and support staff.


9. Job Opportunities

    Graduates with a degree in Clinical Operations Management are trained to pursue various career paths, including roles such as healthcare administrator, clinical operations manager, healthcare consultant, and more.

Am I qualified for the BAS COM degree?

Admission to the BAS in Clinical Operations Management program requires:
a) admission to Collin College,
b) completion of an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in an Allied Health/Health Sciences/Emergency Services field that prepares students for clinical care or the systematic review of clinical care, and
c) completion of an application to the BAS in Clinical Operations Management.

Registration for upper division courses is limited solely to those students that have been admitted to the BAS program in Clinical Operations Management.


Information may be obtained by calling 972.548.6679 or emailing the BASCOM Department at


Allied health/Health Sciences/Emergency Services disciplines that prepare students to provide clinical care or to systematically review clinical care include, but are not limited to, disciplines such as:


• Anesthesia Technology/Technician

• Dental Hygiene

• Diagnostic Medical Sonography

• Emergency Medical Services

• Fire Science (with paramedic training)

• Health Information Management/Technology

• Health Professions (Electrocardiographic Technology track. EMT track, Nurse's Aide track, Patient Care   Technician track, Phlebotomy track)

• Medical Assisting

• Occupational Therapy

• Physical Therapy Assisting

• Polysomnographic Technology

•  Radiation Technology

•  Respiratory Therapy

•  Surgical Technology


Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) degrees in other allied health/allied sciences/emergency services disciplines may be eligible for admission after the Associate Dean of Health Sciences and Emergency Services (HSES) approval.

How many hours is the BAS COM degree?

The BAS in Clinical Operations Management requires completing 120 semester credit hours (SCH) of coursework as outlined below. 


Coursework Outline:


A. Technical Coursework - up to 44 credit hours

Students admitted to the program will have up to a maximum of 44 semester credit hours of technical (i.e., workforce education) coursework completed in their AAS degrees applied to the degree requirements for the BAS degree. Should students earn less than 44 SCH of technical coursework in their AAS degree, any required hours remaining to meet the BAS degree requirements will be designated as electives that can be fulfilled with any lower division course credits not used to fulfill another baccalaureate degree requirement.


B. Core Curriculum/General Education Coursework - 42 credit hours

All students completing a baccalaureate degree, including the BAS in Clinical Operations Management, must complete 42 SCH of core curriculum/general education courses as Collin College requires.  Core curriculum/general education courses may be completed at Collin College or transferred from another institutionally accredited institution of higher education, and many of these required courses may be applied toward the BAS degree requirements from general education/core curriculum courses completed as part of the AAS degree.


010 Communication Component 6 SCH


ENGL 1301 - Composition I

ENGL 1302 - Composition II

ENGL 2311 - Technical and Business Writing


020 Mathematics Component 3 SCH


MATH 1342 - Elementary Statistical Methods (or other Mathematics core)


030 Life & Physical Sciences Component 6 SCH


GEN ED Science course (1 lab hour applies to Component 090)

GEN ED Science course (1 lab hour applies to Component 090)


040 Language, Philosophy & Culture 3SCH


GEN ED Language, Philosophy & Culture course 


050 Creative Arts Component 3 SCH


GEN ED Creative Arts course 


060 American History Component 6 SCH


GEN ED History course 


070 GEN ED History course 6 SCH


GOVT 2305 - Federal Government (Federal constitution and topics)

GOVT 2306 - Texas Government (Texas constitution and topics)


080 Social and Behavioral Science Component 3 SCH


GEN ED Social/Behavioral Sciences course 


090 Collin options 6 SCH


GEN ED Speech course 

GEN ED 1 lab hour from 030 Component applies 

GEN ED 1 lab hour from 030 Component applies 

GEN ED Any extra hour of core applies here or student can take a 1-hour course that applies to core


Please visit: Program: Collin General Education/Core Curriculum (Baccalaureate and AA/AS/AAT degrees) - Collin College - Acalog ACMS™ for further information


C. Upper Division Coursework

The remaining 34 SCHs of the degree requirements constitute the upper division medical/health sciences management courses.


MHSM 3313 - Data Analysis and Presentation Development

MHSM 3315 - Population Health


MHSM 3311 - Healthcare Technology Information

MHSM 3320 - Fundamentals of Business: Healthcare


MHSM 3310 - Legal Issues in Healthcare

MHSM 3335 - Financial Management for Healthcare


MHSM 4302 - Healthcare Quality and Risk Management

MHSM 4315 - Project Management


MHSM 3305 - Leadership for Healthcare Organizations

MHSM 4312 - Talent Management in Healthcare


MHSM 4440 - Case Analysis in Healthcare Management(Capstone)

Core Curriculum/Electives


To be eligible to graduate with a BAS degree from Collin College, all students must complete a minimum of 25% of the coursework (30 SCH) required for the degree at Collin College.

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