A & P Assessment Testing

Anatomy and Physiology Assessment Testing



The assessment test evaluates if students have the necessary background in basic biology and chemistry as determined by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Biology and Chemistry. BIOL 2401 – A&P I does not cover basic material and the assessment test evaluates the student’s knowledge of basic biology and chemistry. Data indicates that students who enroll in these courses without this basic knowledge do not succeed in BIOL 2401, losing time and money they invested. Historically, students who have a good grounding in basic high school level biology and chemistry, as assessed on the assessment test, have a much higher success rate (defined as earning final grade of “C” or higher) in subsequent anatomy and physiology courses.


The assessment test is accessed through Canvas and is free for Collin College students to attempt.  The test runs continuously and may be attempted at any time.  Students are not required to schedule an appointment to attempt the test.  


To ensure class availability, it is best that students take the assessment test prior to the beginning of registration for the semester in which they will take BIOL 2401. Students are allowed to take the assessment test twice during each fall/spring/long summer semester. Upon passing the test with a score of 70% or better and fulfilling the TSI examination requirements, the student will have permission to register for BIOL 2401. 

To access the test, you must have an updated Collin College email account. Updated emails include a 2-factor authentication and OneLogin. Newly admitted students who have not enrolled in a credit course will not have activated Canvas accounts and will need to contact the A&P Assessment Test Coordinator for assistance at aandptest@collin.edu.  Please include your Collin College Email Address and 9-digit CWID to facilitate assistance.



Requirements to Enroll in BIOL 2401 (Anatomy and Physiology 1)

Beginning with the Fall 2020 semester, students planning to enroll in BIOL 2401- Anatomy & Physiology I (A&P I) must visit with an academic advisor to discuss options for demonstrating readiness and to obtain permission to register for the course. Readiness may be demonstrated by successful completion of the A&P Assessment Test or meeting one of the exemptions described below. 


Students who meet one of the following conditions will be exempt from the test:

  • Students who have taken BIOL 1406 in the past three (3) years and who have received a grade of “C” or better. These students would have entered Collin under catalogs that listed BIOL 1406 as a prerequisite for 2401.  After three years, this exemption will no longer apply and students would be advised to take the assessment test.
  • Students who took AP Biology in high school and who received a score of 3, 4, or 5 on the AP exam within the past three (3) years
  • Students who have taken a CLEP test for BIOL 1406 within the past three (3) years and have results indicating they would qualify to receive college credit


Students with a score of 69 percent or lower may meet one of the following conditions prior to enrollment in A&P I.

  • They may take the CE test prep course (if they have not already done so) and retest
  • They may choose to self-prep and retake the assessment test
  • They may choose to enroll in BIOL 1406 as a waiver for the test with the understanding that it will not count towards their healthcare degree plan if it is not in the AAS program


In addition to the requirements listed above, students must also meet both of the following TSI examination requirements:

  • TSI Math score of 910-949 with a diagnostic score of 5, or equivalent
  • TSI college-readiness standard for Reading and Writing, or equivalent


Students planning to take BIOL 2402 – Anatomy & Physiology II (A&P II) are not required to pass an assessment test before enrolling in the course. BIOL 2401 with a minimum grade of “C” (or equivalent with lab) is the required prerequisite.  Students who have previously completed A&P I at another institution will need to submit their official transcripts to Admissions and Records for evaluation.


NOTE:  The following courses will not exempt a student from taking the assessment test for A&P I:  Biology for Non-Science Majors I (BIOL 1408), Human Anatomy and Physiology Basics (BIOL 2404), High school Anatomy and Physiology.  Passing the assessment test is not equivalent to academic credit in BIOL 1406 or BIOL 1408.



A&P Assessment Test Content and Test Preparation

The A&P I Assessment Test covers the pertinent state-wide objectives of high school biology and chemistry. The A&P I Assessment Test objectives are located on the Canvas course home page.  To prepare for the test, students may review the objectives for the assessment using the test preparation materials on the Canvas home page.


Access to Assessment Test

The A&P Assessment Test and associated study resources are accessed through Canvas. In order to access the assessment test, you must register for the A&P Assessment Study Resources Canvas page.  Once you are ready to attempt the test, follow the instructions on the A&P Assessment Study Resources Canvas page.


To access the A&P Study Resources Canvas page and the A&P Assessment Test, click the link below:


Access to Study Resources and the A&P Assessment Test



If you receive an error when accessing the registration link:

  1. Make sure that you have activated your @collin.edu email including the two-factor authentication.
  2. Check your admissions status for holds such as the TSI.


If you continue to receive an error this is likely due to your enrollment status. Newly admitted students who have not enrolled in a credit course will not have activated Canvas accounts. You will need to contact the A&P Assessment Test Coordinator at AandPTest@collin.edu.

  • Please Note:  Requests for manual activation of Canvas accounts are sent to WebServices at 12:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Creation of Canvas accounts make take up to 7 business days from the date the request was submitted.


Testing Accommodations

If you have a documented need for testing accommodations, contact the access office through: Collin Student Resources - Disability Services



Contact Information

If you have questions regarding the A&P Assessment test, or encounter issues while registering/attempting the test, please contact the A&P Assessment Test Coordinators at AandPTest@collin.edu.  

  • Please include your Collin College Email Address and 9-digit CWID to facilitate assistance.