Wireless Networking Track

Wireless Track

If you select the Wireless Networking, you will be focusing on the edge of the enterprise network.  In enterprise communications of the future, users expect the mobility provided by the latest Wi-Fi capabilities.  While 5G is anticipated to provide the advantage in distance enterprise connections, the access or user end will be provided by the late-breaking Wi-Fi capabilities. Few network engineers are well-equipped with the skills to design, troubleshoot, and maintain high capacity wireless networking for enterprise.  With these skills, you will most certainly set yourself a cut above the crowd seeking entry into computer networking careers.

Possible careers: Wireless Design Specialist, Wireless Network Support Technician, Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Network Architect, Network Field Technician, Sales Support Engineer.

This track will equip you for CWNP and Aruba certifications which are highly-regarded benchmarks of wireless skills. Essentially, with an AAS in the Computer Networking Wireless Track, you would qualify for any entry-level computer networking position, but you would have the competitive advantage.


AAS – Computer Networking - Wireless Track

Certificate Level 1 – Wireless Designer


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For more information on the Wireless Networking Program contact:

Jeff Fant: jfant@collin.edu