Computer-Aided Drafting & Design

Design Your Future with a Career in Computer-Aided Drafting & Design!



What is Computer-Aided Drafting & Design? 


Drafting is a combination of engineering, architecture and design. Drafters take ideas and place them on paper for manufacturing and construction purposes. Drafting professionals create blueprints, building plans and schematics used in building highways, bridges, buildings and other facilities and public works. Mechanical drafters use software to create solid models and detailed technical drawings of machinery or mechanical devices. These drawings are used by industries that design and manufacture products. 


What will I learn in the program?   Graduates of Collin College’s Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Program will be able to:  

  • Produce technical drawings using a computer-assisted drafting system
  • Draft plans and detailed drawings for structures, installations or construction projects
  • Draw detailed scale plans for foundations, building and structures based on sketches or engineering specifications
  • Perform design calculations based on codes, requirements and other technical documentation
  • Produce drawings including section views, auxiliary views, and assembly drawings for the manufacturing and assembling of parts
  • Interpret and apply basic geometric dimensioning and tolerance principles to drawings and prints.


What Skills and Abilities do I need to have to be a Computer-Aided Drafter/Designer?

  • Active listening and social perceptiveness
  • Critical thinking and complex problem solving
  • Time management and self-motivation
  • Information ordering and analysis
  • Visualization and creativity


What are the available Program Options?

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Craig A. Johnson - Director


Kate Smith - Program Coach