Construction Safety

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and those around you with a career in construction safety. Health and Safety Managers conduct inspections and enforce compliance to laws and regulations governing the health and safety of construction workers.  Their job is to make sure everyone gets home safely by developing, implementing, and evaluating programs designed to limit risks to workers and to foster a safe and sustainable workplace for all employees.

What Do Construction Safety Professionals Do?

  • Ensure safe work practices to prevent injury and accidents on construction job site
  • Utilize advanced risk identification and mitigation methods
  • Participate in accident or damage investigations
  • Inspect or review projects to monitor compliance with building and safety codes or regulations
  • Develop and implement quality control programs
  • Communicate effectively and professionally with all levels on a job site


What Kind of Skills and Abilities Do I Need to be a Safety Professional?

  • Complex problem solving and decision making
  • Critical thinking
  • Quality control analysis
  • Teaching and learning strategies
  • Oral and written communication skills


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