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Secure your future in Cybersecurity, one of the fastest growing, high-paid career fields. 

Are you ready? Prepare yourself to be an offensive and defensive player to protect the cyber world. For a live look at how fast paced this field can be, click on this cyber attack map.

  • Blue team, defensive, will learn an implement way to defend company systems from attacks with monitoring and reacting to incidents.
  • Red team, offensive, will attack company systems to find vulnerabilities before the malicious actors hack into it first. 
  • Purple team, works as both offensive and defensive elements within an organization.

Entry-level career opportunities in this field include and are not limited to these titles:

  •     Security Analyst
  •     Security Architect
  •     Security Engineer
  •     Security Administrator
  •     Incident Analyst/Responder
  •     Penetration & Vulnerability Tester

To explore other cybersecurity fields please visit this page.

Program Options:
You can earn multiple certificates that can 'stack' while you work on completing your Associate or Bachelor degrees. 

Certificate Level 1 – Cybersecurity Infrastructure Technician
*entry level stackable certificate which can lead into the AAS degree or CISSP certificate 

Certificate Level 1 – CISSP Information Systems Cybersecurity Professional
*stackable certificate that can be a stand alone credential or move into the AAS degree

Certificate Level 1 – Information Systems Cybersecurity
*stackable certificate that leads directly into the AAS degree

AAS – Information Systems Cybersecurity 
*two year degree that is required before BAT admissions  

BAT – Bachelor of Applied Technology in Cybersecurity
*must hold a AAS in cybersecurity before applying for the final two years

This is not a career field for the faint-hearted. Get prepared for a new battleground.