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 ∞ Healthcare Simulation Program ∞

Impacting Future Healthcare
Developing Knowledgeable, Experienced Providers Today... 

Collin College is on the leading edge of simulation education
 We provide hands-on clinical experience in a safe, controlled environment
allowing students the freedom to develop critical thinking skills
as they exercise their newly developed skills,
thus allowing them to observe and understand the ramifications of their actions
We offer state-of-the-art equipment
(high-fidelity manikins, beds, real medical gases, ECG monitors)

in a multi-bed simulation lab
Multi-patient management is often utilized,
which fosters teamwork as well as individual skill sets
Manikins span many levels of technological capability
which allows for scenarios to be as close to "real world" as possible
A separate debriefing room is available with instant video play-back capability
Simulation education is offered in the following Collin programs:
Respiratory Therapy
Emergency Medical Services

Dental Hygiene
Surgical Technology
Medical Diagnostic Sonography

Physical Education - First Aid
Continuing Education (CE) Healthcare
Medical Assistants
Health Science Academy
Certified Nursing Assistants
EKG Technician
Physical Therapy Assistant
Pharmacology Technician
Activity Care
Medical Assisting - Advanced Practice
For more information regarding the Simulation Program, please contact:
Jackie Langford, CHSE, BFA, LP
Healthcare Simulation Director
Collin College
Central Park Campus
Office H204
972.548.6719 (office phone)
For more information regarding the other programs, please contact:
Division Office