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Sociology at Collin College

Sociology seeks to uncover the existence of social patterns, explain how social patterns come to be and explore patterns for different individuals, groups and society at large.

Sociology courses at Collin College enable students to comprehend widespread social changes and relate these back to their every day experiences.  Courses are designed to provide students with essential life skills and a deeper understanding of themselves, others and the various social worlds they inhabit.  Critical thinking skills and a global perspective - attributes that will benefit students regardless of their major - are strongly emphasized in Sociology courses.
We currently have two courses in the General Education Core which are:
SOCI 1301 Introduction to Sociology - The scientific study of human society, including ways in which groups, social institutions, and individuals affect each other. Causes of social stability and social change are explored through the application of various theoretical perspectives, key concepts, and related research methods of Sociology.  Analysis of social issues in their institutional context may include topics such as social stratification, gender, race/ethnicity, and deviance.


SOCI 1306 Social Problems
Social Problems courses at Collin College focus on the application of sociological principles and theoretical perspectives to major social problems in contemporary society such as inequality, crime and violence, substance abuse, environmental issues, deviance, or family problems.

All students may now take SOCI 1306, as well as SOCI 1301, Introduction to Sociology, to complete the Social and Behavioral Science component of the General Education Core.

Other courses offered are (course descriptions on the left-side menu)

  • SOCI 2301 Marriage and Family
  • SOCI 2306 Human Sexuality
  • SOCI 2319 Minority Studies
  • SOCI 2340 Drug Use and Abuse 

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