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Whether you are taking your first timid steps upon the stage or you are a veteran performer of musicals and plays, theatre coursework at Collin College can be your ticket to better performance and a fuller understanding of “the business of show.”

Theatre coursework introduces students to the aesthetic and analytical elements of theatrical productions. It offers a full curriculum of theatre study including work in beginning and advanced acting, musical theatre, voice and diction, stagecraft and design, costume design and stage makeup, theatre history, as well as courses in stage management, acting for the camera, improvisation, movement and mask work.

The labs enable students to have hands-on experiences through performances, as well as shop and crew assignments. Studies include contemporary theories and classical aspects of theatrical productions. Theatre coursework at Collin College has been nationally recognized and Collin students have gone to prestigious training programs across the country.

What’s more, many Collin College alumni and faculty have worked in professional theatre, film/tv, the voiceover industry, and theatre education.


Our Mission Statement

Collin College Theatre is an open, affirming, and inclusive department committed to teaching the artistic and practical skills vital to student success in both the professional field and the greater community. We model, teach, and develop professional excellence and a commitment to service, believing that innovation and creativity are fed by dignity and respect. Our emphasis is not only on craft, skill sets, knowledge, and collaboration--but also on soft skills such as interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, cultural sensitivity, and responsibility.  We are passionate about making a contribution to our students, local communities, and the world.

We support student success by: 
• Creating diverse theatre together 
• Affirming anti-racism, gender equality, and self-expression
• Supporting exploration and discovery in a safe environment
• Embracing authenticity, while encouraging full expression and personal power
• Building a variety of marketable skills, including technological
• Developing responsibility and self-discipline
• Empowering creativity and imagination
• Guiding the development of personal strengths 
• Affirming self-agency, self-respect, and self-care
• Balancing the goals of theatre as art, craft, and business
• Celebrating the individual in a collaborative environment
• Working together with both discipline and joy

Collin College Theatre:
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