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College Express makes the college exploration, preparation and application processes a breeze. Let College Express bring free, customized workshops to your school or community event. This new program offers on-demand sessions taught by experts at your site or at Collin College. Scheduled visits with College Express representatives provide resources to middle school and high school students, staff and parents.

Check out a few of our offerings:

  • Admissions Application Assistance
    This session can assist with the process and ensure applications are correctly submitted online.
  • Collin College Overview
    College overview presentations are informational sessions designed to provide insight into the overall college community experience.
  • Financial Aid
    This session assists prospective students with completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
  • Group Tours
  • New Student Orientation
    Students will learn about academic and community expectations, campus culture, services and resources available on all of Collin College's campuses.
  • Registration
    This session assists students in navigating the online registration process and provides answers to questions about different course offerings.

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