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Cost of Attendance

 The cost of attendance is an annual estimate of what the typical student should expect to spend while attending Collin College. The following costs are estimated based on what the average student spends. 

  • Tuition and Fees
  • Books and Supplies
  • Housing and Food
  • Transportation
  • Miscellaneous 

 2021 - 2022  Cost of Attendance

The following charts represent the cost of attendance for a student enrolling in 15 hours each semester for the Fall and Spring semesters.   (Note: The Tuition & Fees component will be adjusted to the student's actual enrollment.)

In County - Off Campus                  
Tuition and Fees   $ 1760
Books & Supplies     1860
Housing and Food     12296
Transportation     2722
Miscellaneous     3318


In County - With Parents                  
Tuition and Fees   $  1760
Books & Supplies      1860
Transportation      2722
Food      3044 
Miscellaneous      3318



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