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Temporary Agency Hiring Process

Determine what your budget will allow and the time frame that the temporary worker will be needed, taking into consideration the following college guidelines:

  • Temporary employees should not be hired to fill in for an employee on vacation or short-term leave (such as sick leave).  If essential, approval must be obtained in advance from the appropriate Vice President.

  • The employment of a temporary employee should be a last resort when all other college resources have been exhausted (such as obtaining coverage from another office/department on campus.)

  • Use of temporary agency employee(s) beyond a total of 160 hours in a fiscal year requires written approval by the appropriate Vice President and the President.

Determine skills and proficiency level of skills the temporary worker will require.

Determine the start date, length of assignment, hours and days worked.

Obtain the current approved agency information for the type of temporary worker required from the Purchasing Department's Intranet Site.

Contact the Temporary Agency and explain the details pertaining to your needs.  The selected Temporary Agency will conduct a search and contact you with the name of the individual who will be filling the temporary position, and confirm the date and time scheduled for reporting for the assignment.

The temporary employee will complete an agency time sheet to be submitted weekly.  The appropriate Collin College supervisor must sign the time sheet legibly and keep a copy of the time sheet to be used in verifying the agency invoice.

For questions related to the temporary agency contract, please contact Purchasing at ext. 3870. 

For questions related to the appropriateness of hiring a temporary agency employee or in the event you are considering hiring a current temporary agency employee for a regular college vacancy, contact Human Resources at ext. 3783.