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Compensation and Classification Information

Collin County Community College District (Collin College) maintains a position classification structure with pay ranges for all positions within the college. 

Human Resources (HR) Compensation functions:
 - Maintain and update the database for all job descriptions within the college
 - Evaluate new positions for appropriate classification and salary range placement
 - Analyze and process reclassification requests of existing positions
 - Conduct analysis of internal equity and labor market survey data

Staff and Administrators


Job Descriptions

New Positions, Reclassifications and Job Description Change Forms and Guidelines

  • Job Description Change Request Form (Online Form) -  A manager may request changes to an existing job description at any time during the year.  To submit a request to HR Compensation, please complete the Job Description Change Request Form. Requests must be submitted by the supervisor of the position (rather than the person in the position).
  • New Position Compensation Review Request Form (Online Form) - must be submitted to Compensation to initiate the review process. This form is to be completed by a supervisor requesting evaluation of a new position.
    • New positions must have a written job description and must be classified in the college's salary grade system prior to opening and posting the position.   HR Compensation will establish the salary range classification of new positions based on job qualifications and required skills, job duties and responsibilities defined by the college, and market value for the job.
  • Position Reclassification Request Form (Online Form) - must be submitted to Compensation to initiate the review process. This form is to be completed by a supervisor requesting reclassification of an existing position.
    • HR will only consider requests for reclassification of positions when a department is being reorganized and the duties of the positions are being shifted, there will be significant and sustained changes to the position, and/or when the college is unable to recruit qualified applicants for the position because of its current classification. 
    • An employee in a position that is being reclassified may be automatically placed into the reclassified position if the reclassified position retains 50% or more of the overall responsibilities of the former position and the employee meets the minimum qualifications for the reclassified position.
    • If the reclassified position retains less than 50% of the overall responsibilities of the former position, the reclassified position is considered a new position and must be posted.

Compensation will review each request and send notification of the results within 10 - 15 business days. 

If you have any questions regarding salary structures, job descriptions, compensation online forms and/or the compensation review process, please contact Monica Barron at (972) 599-3108 for further assistance.

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