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Library Guidelines and Procedures

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, campus libraries may have temporary procedures in place that contradict or are not included in these Operational Guidelines. Please contact individual campuses for the most current library guidelines.



All current Collin College faculty and staff are eligible for library privileges. Faculty and staff must present a current Collin College Faculty/Staff ID card at the library Circulation Desk to be entered into the library system. Upon leaving the employ of Collin College, faculty and staff are eligible for community patron cards if they reside in Collin County.

Note: New faculty and staff must show verification of Collin employment at the Circulation Desk if library materials are needed prior to the issuance of a Faculty or Staff ID.


  • The borrower is responsible for returning materials on time and in good condition.
    • As a courtesy, the library will attempt to send overdue notices in a timely manner by contacting the patron through their Collin email address.
  • The borrower is responsible for reporting damaged or lost items at the Circulation Desk.
  • The borrower must pay the cost of the damaged or lost items, plus a processing fee.
    • The library cannot accept replacement materials purchased by individuals.
  • The borrower is responsible for notifying the Circulation Department of a lost or stolen library card.
  • The borrower is responsible for notifying the Circulation Department of a change of name, physical address, home campus, telephone number or e-mail.
  • The borrower is responsible for personal materials and equipment left unattended in the library.


Checkout Procedures

  • Faculty/staff must present a Collin College Faculty & Staff ID/Library Card for all circulation transactions.
  • Faculty/staff with overdue, damaged or lost items are denied permission to check out materials.
    • One courtesy check out will be given to a faculty member with overdue material, after which all overdue items must be returned before further checkouts.
  • Periodicals and reference materials do not circulate and are to be used in the library.

Due dates exclude holidays and other days when Collin College campuses are closed. The library reserves the right to recall any materials.

Checkout Limits by Material Type Loan Period 
Audio Books 5 6 weeks
Music CDs 5 6 weeks
Books 20 6 weeks 
Software 3 6 weeks 
DVD/VHS 3 4 days
Total items checked out: 30


Items may be renewed if there are no overdue materials or library account blocks. See details and restrictions below.

  • Two (2) renewals are allowed per item. Renewal of Circulating Books, Circulating Software and Music CDs may be done by phone, online or in person.
    • The following materials cannot be renewed by phone or online: Reserves, Classroom Software and DVD/VHS.
    • Overdue materials may be renewed in person if others have not placed a hold request on the item.
      • Items must be presented for renewal if overdue.

Hold Requests/Transfers

Some circulating items may be placed on hold and transferred to another campus. Circulating materials may be returned at any campus.

  • Items are held for 3 days at the requested campus.
  • The patron is notified by a courtesy e-mail and/or text message.
  • The libraries do not have a materials booking system and cannot guarantee the availability of materials for dates in the future.
  • The following materials cannot be placed on hold or transferred to another campus, due to the high demand and/or a short checkout period.
    • DVD/VHS
      • Circulating DVD/VHS
      • Classroom (A/V) Faculty Use Only
    • Classroom (A/V) Faculty Use Only Software
    • Music CDs
    • Reserves
  • Faculty/Staff may borrow Classroom (A/V) Faculty Use Only materials in person at all campuses.
  • Faculty/Staff can request that a campus library purchase any needed Classroom (A/V) Faculty Use Only material.


Damaged Materials
A librarian will evaluate the damaged material for possible repair.

  • When damaged materials are repairable, a repair fee of $15 is assessed.
  • If the material is damaged beyond repair, the employee will be charged the replacement cost of the material and a $15 processing fee.
    • The Library cannot accept replacement materials purchased by individuals.
    • Items judged damaged beyond repair will be given to the employee if the replacement and processing charges are paid at the time of return. If charges are not paid at the time of return, charges will be applied to the patron’s library account and the item will not be returned to the patron, but discarded.

Lost Materials
When materials are lost, the employee will be charged the replacement cost of the material and a $15 processing fee.

  • The library cannot accept replacement materials purchased by individuals.
  • No refund is given after payment of a lost item is received, even if the patron later finds the item.

If there is a dispute regarding the charges assessed, the employee may submit a “Library Charges Appeal” form, which will be considered by the Library Executive Directors.  If materials deemed necessary for use by the academic division are lost or damaged, and a dispute regarding the charges arises, an Academic Dean will be consulted.


The Library may accept cash or check payments (with proper identification) at the Circulation Desk.

  • A service charge will be added by the Bursar’s office on all returned checks.
  • Collin employees can make credit/debit card payments at the Bursar’s office after making arrangements with the Library.

The Library will not accept:

  • Two party checks
  • Temporary checks
  • Checks in the absence of a corresponding driver’s license.
    • The driver’s license number and license expiration date will be recorded on the check.
  • Out of state checks

The employee’s College-Wide Identification number (CWID) is required by the Bursar’s office on all checks.


All faculty/staff who are currently employed by Collin College have full access to the library computer lab. Faculty and Staff must contact the Help Desk for Library computer lab access. The Library computers are accessed by way of Logon ID and password obtained through the Help Desk. Library lab computers automatically log off after 60 minutes, but users are eligible to log back on if others are not waiting. When the computer logs a user off, it erases all work on the hard drive of the computer. All work should be saved to a USB thumb drive instead of the computer hard drive.

Printing is free to Collin College faculty and staff.

For further information see Computer and Internet Use.


Faculty members may place course materials on reserve, locally at each Library Circulation Desk, for student use. Faculty members must complete and sign a “Library Reserve Processing Form” for each semester of the academic year that an item is placed in the Reserve Collection. The form <online form> <interactive pdf> is available at the Circulation Desk and on the library’s website. All Reserve material submissions must comply with current copyright laws. For more information regarding copyright laws, please visit the Library tab in CougarWeb and choose "Services for Faculty."

Collin College faculty are responsible for gaining copyright permissions from the copyright holder for the materials that they submit to the library for the reserves collection. See “Services for Faculty” on the Library tab in CougarWeb for more Reserve submission requirements and details.

Reserve materials may include instructor created materials, material owned by the Library or materials owned by the instructor.

Examples include chapters from books, articles from periodicals or newspapers, short stories, short essays or any print material for which permission of the copyright holder can be documented.

Old tests, quizzes or exams are permitted as study materials only and will not be placed on Reserve for testing purposes.

Faculty members can designate reserve material for In-Library Use Only for 1-hour, 2-hour or 4-hour checkout. Instructor or Department owned Reserve materials are returned to the appropriate faculty or to their Department/Division Office at the end of the reserve use semester to comply with copyright guidelines. Reserve material submissions must comply with current copyright laws.

  • Allow 5 business days for the processing of Reserve material requested during the first 3 weeks of full terms.


Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service is available to current faculty and staff who have a Collin College library card and account in good standing.

Any material not owned by the library may be requested for Interlibrary Loan through a Reference Librarian or online. The supplying library determines whether the material can be provided.

Faculty/staff may request one renewal on a borrowed ILL material.

  • Renewal requests for ILL materials must be made online, at the Circulation Desk or by phone at least 2 days before the material is due. The decision to renew rests with the lending library.
  • Obtaining interlibrary loan requests typically takes 7-14 days but may take longer.
    • Only 5 requests can be processed per day per person.
  • Requests for renewals will not be made for overdue materials.
  • The employee is responsible for all charges imposed by the supplying library, including fines.
  • ILL material must be returned to the Circulation Desk on time and in good condition.


All faculty and staff currently employed by Collin College are eligible for the issuance of a TexShare card. This card allows faculty and staff to borrow materials from participating libraries. Each lending library has rules and limitations regarding the use of the TexShare card.

  • The employee is responsible for all materials, fines and fees when using the TexShare card.
  • Full-time faculty and staff TexShare cards expire at the end of the current academic year and must renew annually.
  • Part- time faculty and staff TexShare cards expire at the end of the current semester.


  • Faculty/Staff must return to the Circulation or Refernce Desk if the alarm sounds.
    • Faculty/Staff will remain at the Circulation or Reference Desk until the cause of the alarm is determined and resolved.


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