Workforce Profile: Physical Therapist Assistant

July 01, 2024

Cougar News

Physical Therapy Assistant students practice on each other under the supervision of their teacher.

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Collin College took a significant stride in advancing healthcare education with the introduction of its Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program in August 2023. Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Frisco Campus, this initiative aims to equip aspiring healthcare professionals with the abilities and comprehension to excel in the dynamic field of physical therapy.

Physical Therapist Assistant Starting Salary $49,200  Average Salary $83,100  Job Growth 38.3%Physical therapist assistants hold a crucial position in the healthcare sector, collaborating closely with physical therapists to provide comprehensive care to individuals spanning all age groups, from newborns to seniors nearing the end of life. Whether it entails rehabilitating injuries, managing disabilities, or addressing various health conditions, PTAs are instrumental in facilitating recovery and enhancing the quality of life for numerous patients.

Dr. Michael Cox, director of the Collin College program, emphasized the pivotal role of the PTA program in shaping the future of physical therapy.

“The PTA program at Collin College provides students with the skills needed to become vital members of the physical therapy profession by assisting patients with improving their motion and daily functional activities,” Dr. Cox said.

The beginning of this venture traces back to Fall 2020 when the college initiated the Rehabilitation Aide program at the Collin College Technical Campus located in Allen. Among the program’s first student cohort was Abigail Whitehead, who hailed the experience as invaluable, laying a solid foundation for her enrollment in the PTA program.

Reflecting on her journey, Whitehead underscored the program’s affordability and its profound impact on her learning trajectory.

“My experience in the Rehab Aide program gave me confidence that the PTA program would be the best option for me to be highly successful,” Whitehead said.

Whitehead expressed gratitude for the unwavering commitment of Dr. Cox and the program staff in nurturing students’ potential and readiness for the professional landscape. Despite the challenges in being part of the inaugural cohort, Whitehead praised the collective efforts aimed at refining the program’s efficacy in producing skilled PTAs dedicated to elevating patient care standards.

Looking ahead, Whitehead plans to pursue a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, and she said she is confident that Collin College is helping her get there.

Collin College’s launch of the PTA program marks a significant milestone for anyone passionate about improving lives through physical therapy. This program is poised to cultivate a new generation of PTAs ready to make lasting contributions to the field of physical therapy.

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