CCSH Exam Preparation BRPT-Approved STAR Program




The Certification in Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH) Exam Preparation course (PSGT 2074) reviews the fundamentals of polysomnography while introducing the healthcare professional to the role of the clinical sleep health professional. The course consists of 14 modules of instruction and concludes with a 100-question final exam formatted similarly to the CCSH exam. 



Modules include:


Sleep architecture and variations in normal sleep Questionnaires, surveys, and diagnostic testing
Pathophysiology, epidemiology, and clinical presentation of abnormal sleep Performance improvement and quality
Sleep disorder clinical presentation criteria Sleep disorders as a public health issue
Sleep and medical history Sleep hygiene
Impact of co-morbid conditions Collaborative sleep programs
Evaluation of treatment Technology in education
Patient and family education Evaluation in healthcare education




Cost is $250. Students have up to 8 weeks to complete all modules and the final exam. If students earn an average of 75% on all course quizzes and earn a minimum of 75% on the final exam, they will be provided a certificate of completion that can be used to apply for Pathway #3 of the BRPT’s CCSH exam (BRPT STAR Program # CSS002). The course is also eligible for 48 continuing sleep technology education credits that have been approved by the BRPT as long as the student meets the requirements to receive the certificate of completion for the course as outlined above.


The next session starts March 18, 2024 (CRN: 73345).


Students who have not taken Continuing Education courses at Collin College must first complete a Continuing Education application by going to this link and follow the instructions: Application for New CE Students - Collin College. If you are an international student, you will need to call 1-972-985-3711 to register for classes. Courses must be paid for the same day students register, or the system will drop the registration.