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Dental Plans

DeltaCare USA (HMO) - your out-of-pocket expense depends on the service being rendered.  Employees must select a participating dentist and that dentist will then perform all of the employee's dental treatment.  Coverage under this plan is only provided in the state of Texas.  To view a summary of benefit, look up authorized dentists and discounted costs by service, please visit the DeltaCare USA HMO web site.

State of Texas Dental Choice - under this plan you may use any dentist you desire; however, there is a list of preferred dentists which you may choose from and save money. Delta Dental does offer two networks of dentists for the State of Texas Dental Choice: PPO and Premiere. Dentists under the PPO network will offer the greatest discounts, giving you lower out of pocket expense. The Premiere network offers dentists still in the network, but may have smaller discounts, leaving you with a higher out of pocket expense. For more information on this benefit plan and preferred dentists, please visit the State of Texas Dental Choice web site.  This plan may be used outside of Texas.

For either of these two plans, Collin College pays the cost for the employee and the employee pays the cost to cover any eligible dependents.

Delta Dental does not issue cards. If you did not receive your introductory letter, please call Delta Dental at (888) 818 - 7925 to request a proof of coverage. You can also download the Delta Dental mobile application, available for android or iPhone.