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Main Line: (972) 599-3152

TaraTara Rice
HR Generalist, Benefits

Phone (972) 758-3849
Fax (972) 599-3156

MiliMili Kim
HR Specialist, Benefits

Phone (972) 758-3886
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VinnaVinna Cook
HR Generalist, Benefits (Part-time)
Phone (972) 99-314
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Your Benefits Team provides the following services:


New Hire Benefit Enrollment/Benefit Eligibility Review  Collin College Retirement Processing (TRS, ORP, voluntary 403b, FICA Replacement Plan)
Summer Enrollment & Mid-Year Benefit Changes (Family Status Change) Absence/Leave Management - DEC(Local) 
Sick Leave Pool Return to Work/Fit For Duty following a Medical Leave or Work-Related Injury*
Job-Related Accommodations   Work-Related Injury/Illness
Employee COVID-Related Questions   Employee Assistance Program
TimelyCare Part-time Benefits  Retirement - Exiting Employment

*For questions regarding DBB(Local), please reach out to your campus HRC.


New to Collin? Welcome, and click here to view some good information!

Have questions about our "Collin Invests" Enhanced Retirement Savings Plan? Click here for more information!

Thinking about retiring?

TRS has information available for those thinking about retiring. Please click here to view. If you are in the ORP plan, The TRS steps might still provide you with an overview. For Insurance Eligibility, ERS has resources available that can help identify if you will be eligible: Ready, Set, Retire Handout and the Ready, Set, Retire Presentation. Please note that non-higher education service (ex: ISD, TMRS, TCDRS) will not count towards insurance eligibility.


In the 90 days prior to your planned retirement date, please reach out to your Benefits Team to set up a meeting to review insurance options at that time.


Part-time Benefits


  Employee Assistance Program/Mental Health

Medical, Prescription & Retirement Information

  • Medical Plan
  • OptumRx Prescription Plan
  • Retirement Plans
    • As a TRS or ORP retiree, you may be eligible for retiree insurance if:
      • you have at least 10 years with an agency ((Texas public college or University participant in the GBP) or state department) that participates in ERS insurance) and
      • your last place of public employment was with an agency or higher education institution that participates in the GBP)
      • ORP Participants will need an ORP account from which they are eligible to start drawing payments. If you withdraw or roll over all your funds to another account at retirement, you will not be eligible for retiree insurance through ERS. For more information please see the ERS website.
    • Important Information about Tiered Rates:
      • If you did not have 5 years by 8/31/2014 (hired FT by 9/1/2009), you will have to meet the following requirements:
        • 20 years - 100% retiree premium paid
        • 15 years - 75% retiree premium paid
        • 10 years - 50% retiree premium paid
    • ORP Vendors
    • Benefits after Retirement

ERS still requires at least 10 years service credit with an agency that participates in the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (higher education or state department/agency) to be eligible for GBP retiree insurance.


Click here to view the Ready, Set, Retire Presentation for Higher Education employees.


Optional Coverage


 Other Information

NOTE:  Most employee out-of-pocket premiums are automatically paid with pre-tax dollars authorized by the Internal Revenue Code. This includes premiums deducted from your paycheck for health, dental and vision coverage, Optional Term Life Insurance, and Voluntary AD&D. Premiums for Dependent Term Life and Disability insurance are paid with after -tax money, so that you do not pay tax on any benefits you may receive. Should you have Optional Term Life Insurance of more than $50,000 a portion of that premium could be taxed.


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