Business, Hospitality, and Global Trade

The business world is waiting. Are you ready to make your mark in business, finance, or the service industry?

Explore all of Collin College’s programs related to productive business operations, transportation and distribution needs, and restaurant, hotel, sports entertainment, and travel-related industries.


Automotive Technology

Banking and Financial Services

Business Field of Study

Business Management

Business Office Support Systems (BOSS)

Collision Technology

Culinary Arts

Hospitality and Food Service Management

Human Resources and Organizational Management

Insurance Management


Pastry Arts

Real Estate Management

Sport and Recreation Management

Supply Chain Management


Effective January 25, 2024, the program below is no longer eligible to be declared as an intended program/major due to the expiration, by law, of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s (THECB) approval of the curriculum. Students that have already declared this intended program/major prior to January 25, 2024 MUST complete the program/award no later than August 31, 2025.  The courses in this program will continue to be offered by Collin College, but Collin College will no longer be able to award the degree or certificate in the program below after August 31, 2025.  Please see a Collin College advisor if you have questions.


• Economics Field of Study