Developmental Mathematics

Developmental Mathematics

Collin College offers a pre-algebra and algebraic skills course to enable students to acquire a solid foundation for successful performance in college level mathematics courses.  The course is: 

MATH 0405 Math Foundations



Developmental Math Pathways

Take Developmental coursework at the same time you enroll in a credited Mathematics course.

All Developmental Math students are required to visit with an Academic Advisor to help determine the most appropriate path to meet their education/career goals, as well as consideration for the requirements of potential transfer college or university programs. Students who are placed into Developmental Mathematics at Collin have an option of two pathways to complete their Developmental Math sequence:


Students must take an assessment (via the Testing Center) for placement purposes. Once placed in a course, many support services are provided to enable students to succeed. Among those services are the Math Lab, video tapes of lectures on specific topics, tutoring, study skills seminars, and scheduled review sessions.


Algebra Intensive Path

This path supports students who enroll in MATH 1314 College Algebra or MATH 1324 Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences. Students who are seeking careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields should follow this path.

MATH 0314 Support for College Algebra

Quantitative Literacy Path

This path supports students enrolled in MATH 1342 Elementary Statistical Methods or MATH 1332 Contemporary Mathematics. Most developmental math students who follow the quantitative literacy path can expect to complete their developmental math sequence in one semester.

MATH 0332 Support for Contemporary Mathematics

MATH 0342 Support for Elementary Statistical Methods