Marketable Skills



• Set up a recording session in a studio to document a performance, such as voice, string, wind and percussion instrument.
• Edit a recording applying judicial use of plug-ins such as equalizers, compressors and reverberation.
• Master a collection of songs for album release preparing the album conforming to release criteria such as social media, broadcast and recorded media.
• Mix live location audio engineered for setting up and mixing a live show such as performances.
• Design a marketing plan for a musical artist that includes soundbites, publicity, SWOT analysis, statistics, scarce/infinite product offerings, merchandise design, product tier offerings, release schedule, WOM tactics, media releases, brand extensions, budget, expenses and projected earnings.
• Brand the core product (musical and technical talent/abilities) to engage and motivate interest and monetization from diffusion of consumer adopters.
• Communicate effectively and professionally with peers, producers, directors, clients, and other stakeholders.
• Cooperate with groups to examine how to set-up a key member agreement for team organization and contractual relationships.
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