Marketable Skills



• Cable and configure setup for network equipment including routers, access points, switches and servers.
• Plan, implement, and troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 network addressing.
• Manage accounts, network rights, and assign and update security permissions on the network.
• Identify components of cloud computing core services (compute, storage, networking) and manage resources.
• Create a secure wireless network including use of appropriate WiFi configurations and antenna structures, and security to meet the need of the design specifications.
• Demonstrate proficiency in installation and configuration of Linux operating systems.
• Identify the appropriate type of storage system for an organization’s data, backup, archive and replicate an organization’s data; manage and the monitor security of the storage system.
• Install, configure, and manage VMWare ESXi hosts, Virtual Center server.
• Create scripts in PowerShell and Python to automate frequently executed sequences of commands. 
• Communicate effectively and professionally with peers, managers, customers, and other stakeholders.
• Critically analyze network data to develop inferences and reach sound conclusions.
• Work productively with others to network-related tasks. Provide technical expertise in computer networking to clients or users.
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