Marketable Skills



• Search burning buildings to locate fire victims. 
• Rescue victims from burning buildings, accident sites, and water hazards. 
• Utilize personal protective equipment including flame resistant clothing, and self-contained breathing apparatus. 
• Assess fire and situations using knowledge of types of fires, construction design, building materials, then report conditions to superiors and receive instructions using two-way radios.
• Create openings in buildings and vehicles to access victims using common hand tools and specialized rescue tools.
• Respond to emergencies and other calls for assistance in buildings, vehicles, and other structures.
• Use block and tackle equipment including rope, pulleys and rigging equipment for hoisting. 
• Effectively operate firefighting equipment and rescue tools.
• Inspect fire sites after flames have been extinguished to ensure that there is no further danger. 
• Communicate effectively and professionally through face-to-face discussions when under stressful situations encountered at emergency and non-emergency incidents. 
• Analyze information and evaluate results to choose the best solution and solve problems.
• Work with a group or team to accomplish assigned tasks with or without detailed instructions.
• Provide personal assistance, medical attention, emotional support or other personal care to those in need at an emergency response incident. Actively look for ways to help people.
• Protect and respect personal property and patient health information of victims displaced during an emergency incident.
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