Account Statements/Bills

Students receive important account and billing information through their Collin assigned email account, Collin’s official means of communicating with students. You are responsible for checking your email account for notifications of when e-bills are available, and payment deadlines must be met even if a bill is not received.  Check your account balance after any registration activity for your amount due.

To receive account status notifications, students need to log into the CougarWeb secure payment portal, CougarPay, to activate the communications. 

1.      Log into CougarWeb
2.      Select CougarPay in the Student Quick Links block
3.      Select Collin College Account Suite to enter the secure payment suite, which then activates eNotifications.

Once in the payment suite, you may make payments and also set up and update accounts for e-refunds, designate authorized users, initiate payment plans during designated dates, and view e-statements.

*If you have difficulty accessing the site, please try an alternate browser.