Application of Payment

Wondering how your payment will be applied to charges on your student account?

When multiple terms are available in a given period of time, students should select the specific term(s) they intend to pay. Payments are applied first to charges in the selected term. However, Collin reserves the right to apply current payments against prior existing balances, regardless of the term in which the payment is posted.


If you register and pay for multiple terms in the same time period, and then change your schedule, a credit in one term might then be available and could be applied to unpaid charges in the other term.  Contact the Student Financial Services Office to request the credit be moved to pay the balance you intend.


To ensure enrollment and payment agreement, it is the responsibility of the student to meet each payment deadline for every term in which courses are enrolled and also maintain accurate registration status for each term.

Log into Workday to review your current class schedule, add/drop courses, and/or make your payment.