Consequences for Dropped Courses

Helpful tip: Finalize your schedule before the term or express part-of-term begins (and attend each class you register for) to avoid unintended tuition and fee charges and boost your academic success!

It’s important to know the financial consequences before you drop or withdraw from a course.

> Only courses dropped prior to the first day of the term or express part-of-term will be credited at 100 percent.

> Courses dropped on or after the first day of the term or express part-of-term (beginning at 12:01 a.m.) will receive tuition and fee credits of less than 100 percent, per the State mandated refund rules.

> Any tuition and fee reductions due to drop or withdrawal activity which result in a credit (negative) balance on the student account would then be eligible for Collin’s refund processes.

> Dropping or withdrawing from a class may change financial aid eligibility and/or academic standing, as well as visa status for international students and eligibility requirements for student athletes. Your academic advisor or financial aid advisor can help you understand academic consequences and bursar staff can help you determine potential tuition refund amounts.

Timing of drop/withdrawals

 When you Drop or Withdraw from a Course                                         Things to Consider    
During Registration
(excludes Late Registration)

 - Receive 100% refund of tuition and fees paid.

 - Course is deleted from your enrollment.

After Registration (includes Late Registration) but before Census date

 - Receive 70% of tuition and fees paid.

 - Class does not earn any grade and does not appear on your transcript. 

After the Census Date

 - Refund of tuition and fees paid decreases from 70% to 25% to 0% based on duration of course and date of withdrawal. (See Refund chart)

 - Must occur prior to 'last date for withdrawal' for term or express/weekend course,
 and course appears on transcript with a grade or 'W' for withdrawal. 


Continuing Education students:  only courses dropped prior to the start time of the first scheduled meeting time are eligible for remission of course charges.  Courses dropped after the scheduled first meeting time are not eligible for any refund.

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