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Payment deadlines for each term's early registration are:

CE Terms

Continuing Education (CE) courses require payment at the time of registration.

CE students using financial aid awards, third party employer funding, and/or Texas State or Collin Board approved exemptions for their courses need to contact Admissions at the time of registration to ensure the funding is applied on the day of registration.

Credit Terms

Fall Early Registration Payment Deadline: July 20, 2022

Payment Due by: 7:00 pm

After the Fall term Early Registration payment deadline date, payment must be made at the time of course registration to ensure course enrollment status. An outstanding balance on a student account will result in registration and transcript holds on the account, and the registration status may also be changed.


Wintermester/Spring Early Registration (includes December start courses) Payment Deadline: November 30, 2022

Payment Due by: 7:00 pm

After the Spring term Early Registration payment deadline date, payment must be made at the time of course registration to ensure course enrollment status, regardless of the start date of the course. An outstanding balance on a student account will result in registration and transcript holds on the account, and the registration status may also be changed.


Maymester/Summer Early Registration Payment Deadline: May 4, 2022

Payment Due by: 7:00 pm

After the Summer term Early Registration payment deadline date, payment must be made at the time of course registration to ensure course enrollment status. An outstanding balance on a student account will result in registration and transcript holds on the account, and the registration status may also be changed.

The Fall 2022 registration promissory note installment plan will be available online July 12 through August 26. After July 20, the plan must be initiated at the time of registration. After plan initiation, the next payment of 25 percent of all tuition and fees is due September 15, and the final 25 percent payment is due October 13. With any new course addition, 50% payment is due at that time.
It’s payment deadline, but what about . . .
  • It pays to register and finalize your schedule before classes begin for all Credit terms. As of the first day of a credit term, any courses dropped (even on the same day as new registration activity) will have tuition and fee remission at the percentage rate (less than 100 percent) determined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board refund schedule and approved tuition rates. Any new course registration will be assessed at the full tuition and fee rate.
  • For CE courses, courses must be dropped prior to the course start time of the 1st scheduled class session to receive full cancellation of course charges. 
  • All payment deadlines must be met to ensure course enrollment.

Payment deadlines are not extended.  You are encouraged to budget your tuition and fees from an earlier pay period.  In addition, Collin offers courses with various start dates.  Once you have funds available, search for courses which have not yet started, and then register and pay on the date of registration.  Students who register during Early Registration for credit terms may also make partial payments throughout the Early Registration period as their budgets allow.  However, the entire account balance must be paid by the published early registration payment  deadline to hold course registration.

The published payment deadline date for credit terms is the due date for any amount due from Early Registration course enrollment. Regular Registration begins two days after the payment deadline date and continues until the day before the primary term begins. You may continue to register for courses in the primary part of term or courses offered in express sessions with start dates later in the calendar year, but payment is due on the day of registration.

Late registration for credit terms begins the first day of the primary part of term and continues for the first three class days.  During the first week of the term, a $10 late fee is assessed in addition to the tuition and fees for course enrollment.  Payment of the entire amount is due the day of enrollment.

If your financial aid award is noted on your account and the award is for the current term--credit or CE, the noted financial aid award will hold your course enrollment.  However, if the financial aid award is for a future term, then you should pay the amount due for the current term.  For detailed financial aid information, click here.  It is always recommended you verify with your financial aid advisor all necessary steps to receive your award have been completed and that you maintain an accurate course schedule for the term. 

Collin College must be in receipt of the scholarship funds by the applicable payment deadline for the scholarship to hold your courses and any balance not covered by the scholarship also needs to be paid in full.   If you have scholarship funds remaining from an earlier scholarship award in a prior term, verify with the Cashier Office that those scholarship funds will be applied to the current term charges.

For third party payments, a current third party agreement for registration charges must be in effect between the vendor and the college, and the student must present a voucher for payment for the current term.  Students using funds from their prepaid Texas Guaranteed Tuition plan, Texas Tomorrow or Texas Promise, must present their authorization card at a college Cashier location each term, or they may E-mail their authorization to use their Texas prepaid tuition plans to E-mail authorizations should include the CWID and name of the student, the term for which funding is authorized, and the Texas Guaranteed Plan account number. Students using Texas Promise Fund funding should notify the plan administrator for each term the funding will be used at Collin College.  For any third party payment, all required paperwork must be completed and submitted by the applicable payment deadline.  Should the third party vendor not pay the complete amount invoiced, the student is responsible for any amount due on the account.

Students with third party funding for bookstore purchases should contact the bookstore location on the Collin campus of their choice for instructions on how to use their third party funding to charge bookstore purchases.  A second third party agreement between the third party vendor and Barnes and Noble may be required.  Questions may be addressed to 972-881-6680.

You may set up individuals of your choice as authorized users on your account. Log in to CougarWeb, from the Student Quick Links menu select the CougarPay (Manage Payments & eRefunds) link, and then Collin College Account Suite to enter the secure payment suite. Select the Authorized User tab, indicate the level of access you want to grant to your account, and provide the E-mail address of the individual(s) to whom you want to grant access. The individual(s) will be sent an E-mail notifying them of the access granted and providing the PIN they will need to access your account to make a credit card or web check payment.
Eligibility for most waivers is determined by Student and Enrollment Services, and eligibility for most exemptions is determined by the Financial Aid Office.  Contact those offices to verify your eligibility and have the waiver or exemption applied to your account.  The exemption or waiver must be applied and any balance not covered by the exemption or waiver must be paid by the applicable payment deadline for course enrollment to be ensured.

There are two primary payment options for credit terms:

No Fee Plan: During the Early Registration period, students may make partial payments against their account balance. Make payments in amounts that fit your budget. No contract, no fees and no minimum payment are required, but the entire balance must be fully funded on or before the payment deadline to ensure course registration status.

Installment Plan: The college offers a formal installment plan which allows students to pay in three installments ($25.00 fee required to initiate), with the first payment required in compliance with payment deadline requirements. For more details on the installment plan, please click here.

An additional no fee option for summer: During the summer term, Collin offers a payment option designed to assist with the primary 10 week session. If the early payment plan does not meet your needs for courses which begin later in the summer, then students may consider staggered registration based on the course start date. Register for one course and pay for it to hold a seat in that course; and then when your budget allows, register for an additional course with a later start date and pay for it at that time.

For CE terms, courses are offered throughout the year. Students are encouraged to select and register for courses as their budget allows. Payment (or evidence of third party funding) is due at the time of registration.

American Express is not accepted at Collin College. Please click here for detailed information on payment options and requirements.

If you are taking courses certified on your degree plan, you may present your Veteran's Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or your eBenefit Statement from the VA at a Cashier Office location, and your benefits will be noted on your account in lieu of personal payment.  The COE/eBenefit Statement must be submitted by the applicable payment deadlines, and an authorization form indicating the veteran's intent to use Post 9/11 funding must be presented for each term.  Once Collin has your COE on file, you may email your per term authorization to  Include your name, your CWID, the term you are authorizing use of your veteran benefits, and a current telephone number.

Area high schools which partner with Collin often establish payment deadline requirements which are earlier than Collin’s required payment date. Dual credit high school students should contact their high school for payment deadline dates. If the high school deadline differs from Collin's payment deadline, then the earliest deadline should be met, whether it is the high school's or Collin's deadline.

It is the student’s responsibility to maintain schedule accuracy and meet payment deadline requirements. Any balance on a student account not paid in compliance with payment deadlines will result in transcript, registration, and graduation holds on the account until the unpaid balance is resolved. Unpaid balances may also result in changes in course registration status as well as collection action and associated percentage based fees. If you have additional questions, please E-mail them to cashier@collin.eduPlease include your CWID to facilitate responses to questions and/or concerns.

These dates are provided for information purposes only. Collin reserves the right to make changes or deletions at any time without notice. In the event of a discrepancy between the dates on this page and the dates on Collin's Master Calendar, contact for date confirmation.