Tuition Waivers and Exemptions

Partnering with the State of Texas to ensure affordability of higher education for all students, Collin offers numerous State and local Board authorized tuition and/or fee exemptions and waivers for eligible students.   Please click the link below to access the tuition waivers and exemptions offered at Collin.  Eligible students should contact the responsible Collin office to ascertain what documentation is required to prove eligibility. Proof of exemption/waiver eligibility must be provided for each term of attendance at Collin.

Excess tuition charges for courses not eligible for state funding are often not included in exemptions.  Check with the responsible office for the exemption to determine if the exemption or waiver includes any excess tuition assessment.

 Tuition Waivers and Exemptions List

 Information is subject to change without notice by Board approval, policy revision, or State mandate.

Students who graduate with a baccalaureate degree from a Texas public university may qualify to receive a $1,000 tuition rebate from the baccalaureate-granting institution if they meet the following criteria:

  • Student is a Texas resident;
  • Student took their first college course in the fall of 1997 or later;
  • Student is entitled to pay in-state tuition at all times while pursuing a degree; 
  • Student takes all coursework at a Texas public institution of higher education; and
  • Student attempts no more than three semester credit hours in excess of the minimum number of hours required to complete their degree in the catalog under which they graduated.  Hours attempted – The number of hours in which a student is enrolled at a university, including college-level and developmental coursework, transfer credits, course credits earned by examination, Tech Prep, and courses that are dropped after the official census date.

 For additional information, contact the baccalaureate-granting institution to which you are planning to transferSee also:  Tuition Rebate.